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E-Cigarette Summit USA. Where was vape? – Vaping continues to be a public health success in the UK – Scott Gottlieb confirmed as FDA Commissioner – Gottlieb Can Save E-Cigarettes and Lives – Smoking ban should include all public areas – No vaping, please: – County Legislature bans smoking – New smokeless cigarettes – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

E-Cigarette Summit USA. 

Where was vape? – Oliver Kershaw

The inaugural US E-Cigarette Summit took place in Washington DC on Monday. Encouragingly, there does now finally appear to be a consensus amongst the tobacco control community: Smokers should be encouraged to use vaping products if they’ve been unable to quit using FDA approved stuff. To many in the vaping industry, this will appear to be missing the wood for the trees, but that’s just the nature of consensus. It’s a net positive, and could not have occurred even a year ago.

THRA Annual 2017 Vaping Survey

Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada

This survey is designed to enable us:  *Understand what vapers and the vaping community know about vaping. *Understand what non-vapers know and understand about vaping.  *Establish programs that will guide THRA in it’s communications.
Help educate others about: *Electronic cigarettes and vaping technologies. *Their usage.
*How electronic cigarettes have helped us as an alternative to using combustible tobacco products.
This survey may take up to 20 minutes to complete. Please help us to help others. “Knowledge is Power. Sharing it empowers others.”


Public health success in the UK

Colin Mendelsohn

The latest report on vaping in Great Britain by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has some important lessons for Australia.

Six per cent of the population or 2.9 million adults in GB are currently using e-cigarettes. Of these 1.5 million have quit smoking altogether. Many others have gone on to quit smoking and vaping as well.

Striking Balance – Health Canada on Vaping

Transcript Part 1

Hi, I’m Brent Stafford, and this is Reg Watch by Over the next few months, the future of vaping in Canada is going to be decided here at our nation’s capital on Parliament Hill and in the bureaucratic offices of Health Canada where we’re taking you for an exclusive, in-depth discussion with the lead policymakers on vaping.

Scott Gottlieb confirmed

As FDA Commissioner – Diane Caruana

Amongst the mixed opinions pertaining to whether Gottlieb was the right pick for head of the FDA or not, there are those who are put off by the fact that he has deep ties to drug companies and others that fall under the FDA’s jurisdiction. However there are others who regard this as an advantage, meaning that he has experience in the industry.

Gottlieb Can Save E-Cigarettes and Lives

Michelle Minton

More than a month after his confirmation hearing, Congress finally voted to confirm Trump’s nominee for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commission. While Dr. Scott Gottlieb’s ties to the pharmaceutical industry provoked concern among Democrats, his long history of working within government health agencies and his relatively moderate aspirations for reforming the agency he now helms, won over a majority of Senators.


Ban should include all public areas

Shehab Khan – Independent

Smoking should be banned in all public areas, health experts have said.

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has called on pubs, restaurant gardens, shopping areas and public parks to be included in the list of areas where it is illegal to smoke.

According to the society, the move would lead to one third of smokers turning to e-cigarettes.

No vaping, please:

Austin council to ban e-cigarettes from parks, bars
Elizabeth Findell – American-Statesman

Austin City Council members on Thursday asked staffers to add electronic cigarettes to the list of tobacco products covered by city ordinances, adding them to existing bans. City policies disallow smoking in public places including city parks, bars and restaurants.

The move to include e-cigarettes passed unanimously on the consent agenda, with no discussion, though Council Member Delia Garza did comment that she considered it a victory for public health and overall clarity of city positions.

County Legislature bans smoking

Ali Hibbs, Albany County

At its monthly meeting on Monday, May 8, the Albany County Legislature passed a law banning tobacco in county-owned parks and recreation facilities, including the use of liquid nicotine and other vaping products.

The legislation, Local Law A for 2017, was introduced by Legislator Paul Miller (D-32) from Guilderland, and co-sponsored by nearly every member of the Legislature’s Democratic Majority, as well as some Republicans. It prohibits cigarettes, tobacco products, liquid nicotine and electronic cigarettes in…

New smokeless cigarettes 

Claim to reduce health risks, but many are doubtful

A new type of smoking device that heats tobacco instead of burning it is now being rolled out in Canada, but not everyone is convinced it will reduce the health risks associated with traditional cigarette smoking.
The so-called “heat-not-burn” (HNB) products only heat the tobacco and deliver a nicotine hit without the smoke. Proponents call the technology “risk reduction” — a less harmful alternative to regular cigarettes. Manufacturers claim it removes up to 95 per cent of toxic chemicals in cigarettes.

On this Day…2016

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

Viscount Ridley and Ecigs

In the House of Lords – Mawsley – Planet of the Vapes

Viscount Ridley talks about the unfairness of European law making, the manner the Pharmaceutical industry unfairly influenced decision making and how lives will be lost with the imposition of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). He used the recent reports by Public Health England (PHE) and the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in his arguments. It’s a powerful, if long, speech that demands a listen…

Brexit The Movie: Sort Of A Review

Dick Puddlecote

The film has proven to be as divisive as the debate that surrounds it, with reports in just about every news outlet reflecting their previously entrenched views about the referendum. About the only unbiased report I could find today was in the IB Times, although Vice published a fun piece of half-satirical flim flam which captures the pre-screening atmosphere quite well.

HIQA to achieve ‘world first’

On e-cigarettes – Head Rambles

My first reaction is that at last someone is actually using that grey matter between their ears. For the last ten and more years the policy regarding any nicotine related topic is restrictions and bans [unless of course it’s from Big Pharma]. To see an announcement that is actually positive in tone and doesn’t include the words “ban” or “restrict” is not just refreshing – it’s quite remarkable…

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One comment on “Vapers Digest 12th May
  1. steve brown says:

    can someone please tell me where the air we breath or the open public places in and around the place we live are the property of anyone
    ive excepted that indoor spaces that can contain smoke from ciggerettes can be hazerdous to others i will even except that vapour from e ciggerettes can be a nuisence to others around and will adhere to any law forbidding its use but outdoors i can not and will not except there is no rhyme or reason worthy of introducing an outdoor ban other than to show control of the people and to demonstrate power i will not be conforming to such controlling and ludicrus laws i believe in the laws of the land and understand why they are in place but not the above ive always been a law abiding person but it is becomeing clear to me that there is a control regime brewing and if that means i become a law breaker then so beit