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A Healthy Dose Of Common Sense – Sarah Jakes – ECig Summit – The Truth Is Out There – Tobacco Control: Fueding, fussing, fighting, fear & funding – Clinical Trials Are A Terrible Way To Assess Vaping – The academic scandal hiding within – Nicotine: the helpful drug with the bad reputation – Paint me green and hear me roar! – Can e-cigarettes help the homeless quit smoking? – Vaping In The News December 9th – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

A Healthy Dose Of Common Sense

Dick Puddlecote

Today I was in Puddlecoteville town centre for some Christmas shopping. Mrs P went into New Look in the shopping mall for some vouchers and – as men do – I hung around outside instead. Sat on a bench outside the shop I took a quick vape on my 18mg 50/50 Lime Zest at 8.9 watts (so no big clouds). Just as I did so a security guard – as wide as he was tall – waddled over to me; the conversation went exactly like this:

 Sarah Jakes’ keynote speech E-Cig Summit

The Truth Is Out There

Harry Shapiro

There is a long-standing and recognised procedure for the publication of academic papers. They go through a peer-review process, suggestions may or may not be made by anonymous reviewers back to the authors. Ultimately the paper may or may not be finally accepted. If it is published, then there may be a letter or letters to the editor criticising the paper, sometimes on grounds of methodology or conclusions drawn from findings


Tobacco Control: 

Fueding, fussing, fighting, fear & funding
Kevin Crowley, Vaping Links

Color me silly, but the stronger the opposition, the more I see the antagonistic approach against it, the more I like the PMI foundation. A little while back, Philip Morris announced they would pledge a billion dollars towards a “smoke-free world” for research.

Science Lesson:

Clinical Trials Are A Terrible Way To Assess Vaping
Carl V. Phillips, Daily Vaper

There is a common myth that epidemiology study types can be ranked generically in terms of how informative they are. Clinical trials – also known as randomized controlled trials or RCTs, and known outside of health science as experiments – are invariably at the top of the list. A study is an experiment if the researcher assigns exposures to subjects, as opposed to observational epidemiology where people make their own choices about exposure.

The academic scandal hiding within

The Stanton Glantz sexual harassment scandal
Carl V. Phillips, Anti-THR Lies

By now you have probably heard about the lawsuit against Glantz by his former postdoc, Eunice Neely. Buzzfeed broke the story here, which (like other reports) appears to be based entirely on the complaint filed in a California court (available here). There appear to be no public statements, other than the blanket denial that Glantz posted to his university blog, which was picked up in at least one press report.

Nicotine: the helpful drug…

With the bad reputation, Jim McDonald

Perhaps no commonly used drug is more misunderstood than nicotine. Because of its presence in tobacco, it’s effects are frequently confused with the effects and dangers of smoking. But the truth is that nicotine by itself, assuming a reasonable dose, is a largely benign — and even beneficial — substance. New nicotine studies are coming up with exciting applications for the oft-maligned drug.

Paint me green and hear me roar!

Confessions of an e-liquid mixologist

Hi my name is Kim, but everyone calls me Skip. I’m an ex-smoker. I’m grateful I have lived long enough to experience the joys of not only being a Mom and Aunt, but also to be a Grandma and now a Great Grandmother. That makes me sound old!!! I’m only 59 and I’m the oldest person in my Mother’s family. Most of us have family in their 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s. At this time in my life, I’m not that lucky. Smoking has killed off all my maternal elders.

A new clinical trial in Ottawa asks:

Can e-cigarettes help the homeless quit smoking?

An Ottawa doctor is about to launch a clinical trial aimed at finding out whether e-cigarettes can help homeless people quit smoking.

Dr. Smita Pakhalé, a research scientist and staff respirologist at The Ottawa Hospital, is principal investigator of the study, which received a $100,000 grant earlier this year from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Vaping In The News December 9th

Kevin Crowley, Vaping Links

VapesGiving Event Aims to Raise Huge Funding Goals to help Advocacy~ Letters of Intent ~ Feds Owe the Public ‘Corrective Statements’ on Vaping ~ Long-term vaping causes no negative health results [new study] ~ Moving beyond vaping as a cessation-only practice ~ Simon Chapman gets it with both barrels in the Australian Senate. ~ The ‘Father of Stress’ Was a Tobacco Industry Shill ~ Smoking Cessation and Nicotine De-addiction Products Market~ Two from me

On this Day…2016

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise….

Hertfordshire e-cigarettes policy

Aims to help smokers quit – Jim McManus and Kevin Fenton

The number of people in the UK using e-cigarettes has risen rapidly – quadrupling to 2.8 million adult vapers over the past four years. Importantly, the data shows that regular use of e-cigarettes in the UK is almost entirely confined to current and former smokers.

In fact, e-cigarettes are now the most popular quitting tool among smokers in England. But, while 1.3 million UK e-cigarette users have completely stopped smoking, 1.4 million of them continue to smoke.

The Great British vape off

Alyssa Best – Cancer Research UK

“The products are the most commonly used form of tobacco among youth in the United States,” said Murthy

But there’s one problem: e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco at all. And public health experts in the UK disagree with Murthy’s interpretation of the evidence.

There is a consensus here in the UK that e-cigarettes are far safer than smoking tobacco.

MPs study the health benefits of vaping


Influential all party Parliamentary group on e-cigarettes hears from Public Health England, Cancer Research UK and the vaping industry
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on e-cigarettes this week took evidence from Public Health England, Cancer Research UK, and other representatives from the public health community and vaping industry, on the health impact of vaping and public perceptions of the use of e-cigarettes.

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