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Paper Of The Year: Linda Bauld ~ Welcome to the 1st Annual #VapesGiving!™ ~Why FDA regulations limiting e-cigarette marketing may cost lives and violate the Constitution ~ On Stanton Glantz: Authorship Allegations Matter More Than Harassment ~ We Don’t Need The Government To Solve Smoking Problem ~ Snus reducing harm ~ ‘Heat not burn’ cigarettes still harmful to health, say government advisers ~ Heat-not-burn tobacco ‘is a health risk’ ~ Clinical trial: Can e-cigs help homeless smokers quit? ~ Vaping better than smoking, Ministry of Health tells MPs ~ New vaping store open in Timaru following strong South Canterbury sales ~ Two nabbed on e-cigarette charges ~ World Vape News

Paper Of The Year: Linda Bauld


We asked SCPN friends and advisors to tell us about a report/paper/findings/work on cancer screening and prevention that has been published this year and has made them stop and think. The works span a wide range of areas from very detailed scientific investigation, reviews of physical activities, and blogs of model work. We find them a complete inspiration. When only 3% of the NCRI research budget is spent on prevention and virtually nil on implementation research; these papers provide a window on some of the very good reasons why cancer screening and prevention should be a leading part of cancer control research.

Welcome to the 1st Annual #VapesGiving!™

American Vaping Association
Welcome to the 1st Annual #VapesGiving!™

The American Vaping Association is proud to host the first annual #VapesGiving™. This campaign provides a unique opportunity give thanks and appreciation for the countless hours and hard work that vaping advocates put in to protect our community and industry. We have undertaken this campaign because so many organizations — primarily those defending vaping at the state level — have expressed a need for assistance in fundraising to allow them to continue doing their important work. #VapesGiving™ offers the opportunity not only for you to donate to a spectrum of organizations, but to see your donation doubled thanks to the support of Naked 100 (up to $190,000!).

Earlier this year, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced that the FDA would reevaluate and reorient its tobacco policies. Recognizing that the primary health threat from tobacco products comes not from nicotine, but from combustion, Gottlieb noted the role that “less harmful tobacco products” could play in reducing the death toll from cigarettes. He elaborated on the FDA’s new approach in an article for the New England Journal of Medicine. Gottlieb’s comments were welcome — yet more is needed. Even with recently announced reforms, the FDA’s regulation of cigarette alternatives, such as electronic cigarettes, threatens to do more to harm than to help public health. It is likely unconstitutional to boot.


On Stanton Glantz: Authorship Allegations Matter More Than Harassment

Carl V. Phillips, The Daily Vaper

Last week, Buzzfeed broke the news that leading anti-smoking and anti-vaping research, Stanton Glantz, had been sued by his former postdoc, Eunice Neeley, for sexual harassment, racial discrimination and academic misconduct. The article and other coverage appear to be based entirely on the complaint filed in a California court and a blog post by Glantz in which he denies all charges; no other information appears to be public at this time. Glanz is a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, which is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit. Neeley filed a complaint with the university, as did one other junior researcher according to Glantz’s post, and there are rumors of possible further complaints or lawsuits.


We Don’t Need The Government To Solve Smoking Problem

Brian Fojtik, The Daily Vaper

Since the U.S. Surgeon General’s report on smoking and health in 1964, governments at all levels in the United States and across the globe have led an all-out assault on smoking. We’ve seen tax hikes upon tax hikes in the name of saving the children and ending smoking-related disease. We’ve seen warning labels, smoking bans, sales and marketing restrictions, litigation and a master settlement agreement resulting in billions of dollars paid to states. We’ve seen government-subsidized (or mandated) nicotine replacement therapies and a never-ending campaign of billboards, radio and television ads that have at various times attempted to educate, scare and ultimately shame smokers into quitting. But if we really want to solve the smoking problem, government isn’t the answer.

Snus reducing harm

Speccom, Tobacco Reporter

Life expectancy has increased for all groups in Sweden except women with low educational attainment, and a sociology researcher believes that could be due to these women smoking at a time when Swedish men have mostly transitioned to snus, according to a EurekAlert! story relayed by the TMA. Deaths from smoking are said to be three times more common among women with a compulsory education only than among those with a university education.

‘Heat not burn’ cigarettes still harmful to health, say government advisers

Sarah Boseley, The Guardian

‘Heat not burn’ cigarettes, marketed as a safer option by tobacco companies, still contain chemicals that are harmful to health, a government advisory body has found. The independent Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT) has looked at the evidence on the “heat not burn” products currently available mainly online in the UK. They are less risky than conventional cigarettes, the committee has found, but nobody should assume they are safe.


Heat-not-burn tobacco ‘is a health risk

BBC News

“Heat-not-burn” tobacco products are harmful to health even though they are safer than regular cigarettes, say UK experts. The advisory panel to the government said the devices produce “a number of compounds of concern”, including some that can cause cancer. Manufacturers say their products are aimed at smokers who want the “taste of tobacco with no smoke and less smell”. The panel was concerned that young non-smokers might start using the products. There were also worries that the products could lead people to take up smoking cigarettes.

Billion Lives – Demand Film

Coming to a Cinema near You – Reserve your tickets Now!

Clinical trial: Can e-cigs help homeless smokers quit?

 Diane Caruana, Vaping Post

Research keeps showing that smoking is more prevalent amongst vulnerable groups and those of a lower socio economic status. A study from 2013 looking at 858 drug users in inner-city Ottawa found that 96% of them were smokers. “It means the people who smoke today are mostly low-income, indigenous, homeless, poorly educated, marginalized,” said Dr. Smita Pakhalé.

Pakhalé, a research scientist and staff respirologist at Ottawa Hospital, will be carrying out a clinical trial aiming to determine whether e-cigarettes can be effective tools in helping such marginalized groups such as the homeless, quit smoking.

Vaping better than smoking, Ministry of Health tells MPs

 Anna Bracewell-Worrall, NewsHub

Vaping is a far healthier alternative to smoking, health officials have told MPs.

It is much safer than smoking, and there is emerging evidence it helps people quit, the Ministry of Health said during a briefing at Parliament on Wednesday. Data has shown the risks of second-hand vapour are small because of low levels of toxicants compared to smoking. There’s also evidence vapour doesn’t kill as many cells as cigarette smoke, the Ministry said. Health officials recommended banning vaping in areas where you currently can’t smoke.

New vaping store open in Timaru following strong South Canterbury sales

A hazy cloud may be hanging around a store on Sophia St, but it’s nothing to get too concerned about. The store, Vapourium, provides a service to those wanting to quit cigarettes and eventually quit smoking all together, Vapourium operations manager Joseph Rennie says. On Wednesday the chain store opened its doors to the Timaru public. “One of the reasons we opened in Timaru is that we have a big customer base, it’s about having a local shop that services people who want to vape and people who want to give up smoking.



Two nabbed on e-cigarette charges


Two suspects were arrested for allegedly selling online electronic cigarettes via Facebook in Khlong Luang district yesterday. Police identified the pair as Sivanut Poonpol, 25, and his girlfriend, Natthanicha Duangthong, 23.
They were apprehended in a parking lot near the K12 building in tambon Khlong Song yesterday morning. Authorities also confiscated 40 e-cigarettes and 3,500 bottles of vaping liquid valued at around around two million baht in total.

World Vape News

Mawsley, Planet Of The Vapes
Indonesia has announced that it is clamping down on juice imports while India issues a warning about the risks associated with “e-smoking”. In Dubai, vapers face new massive fines, and in the UK a vaping bus driver is sacked. Lastly, could vaping help the smokers in Hertfordshire?

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