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Fridays News at a glance: Public health starts using ‘industry arguments’ – Gateway Theory – Q&A – Stop’s Louise Ross Answers YOUR Questions – 33 Great Vaping Quotes – Children are not vaping in significant numbers – CDC Continues to Lie and Deceive the Public about Youth Tobacco Use – E-cigarette seller gets 3-year jail in Mohali – Won’t trade ethics for sales in our Vape shop – As cigarette sales shrink, so do tobacco settlement payouts to states – Wall Street Document Cites E-Cig Regulations as Good News for Tobacco Stocks – About 16% of High School Students Are Now Using E-Cigarettes – The Vape Debate: The Kilmarnock Standard presents differing arguments – Smokers say yes to Smokefree bylaws, but no to e-cig bans

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