News 1st Dec 2014


Help Required for Global Drug Survey


Here’s a survey by a colleague which includes items on #ecigs. He’s trying to get representative sample of adults…


Jean Francois Etter On E-Cigarettes and Formaldehyde


Une critique de ces conclusions hâtives et volontairement alarmistes avait été publiée par le professeur Farsalinos.


To Vape or Not to Vape

Opinion piece by Andrew Dreschel

The government claims its smoke-free strategy is to help smokers quit, protect others from second-hand smoke and encourage young people to never start. But its proposed legislation, which includes restrictions on the sale, display, promotion and use of e-cigarettes, flies in the face of that strategy…..

Give us the facts on e-cigarettes, 16-17-year-olds urge experts (PDF)

Since the first electronic cigarettes arrived in the UK in 2007, their use
has been growing fast. 2.1 million people now use them, up from 700,000
two years ago, and the numbers of these ‘vapers’ are expected to reach
3.5 million within the next few years. And UK sales of e-cigarettes – also
known as vapourisers or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) – are
forecast to soar from close to £100 million currently to £350 million by 2015…..

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