News 30th Nov 2014

Stanton Glantz: Then and now

Stanton Glantz is arguably the most influential anti-smoking activist of the last thirty years. To his friends, he is a pioneering hero; to his enemies, a dangerous crank…..

Comments on draft BSI standard – Clive Bates

The PAS should not attempt to incorporate the requirements of the TPD – many of which have no evidence base and are counterproductive for both health and the functioning of the single market, and may be overturned following challenge in the Court of Justice of the European Union…..


This intriguing and equally baffling comment was made by a Swedish MEP outside the European Parliament in Brussels, to a campaigner fighting the proposed e-cigarette regulations in the Tobacco Products Directive…..

Norway – Scaremongering report is Scaremongering!

NRK called Lund to hear what he had to say about the matter and after reading the research he is disappointed that journalists don’t actually check if the information they’re given has any truth to it, but just reports it uncritically….

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