News 2nd Dec 2014

Only Big Tobacco and Big Pharma want e-cig regulation

Excellent post covering many aspects of Vaping across the Globe

The tobacco industry is not unique. Both it and the pharmaceutical industry would like to monopolise the e-cigarette action. And government is only too happy to sacrifice public health to big business lobbyists. The truth is that they are safe to use and effective to quit smoking. If governments were consistent, they’d hand e-cigarettes out like condoms…..

Dundee councillor in call for ban on E-cigarettes in public spaces

Craig Melville hopes the devices will be placed under restrictions similar to the general smoking ban “as soon as is possible”….

Tobacco and e-cigarettes: The government wants to know what you think

The measures in the legislation are in keeping with recommendations contained in Ireland’s policy on tobacco control – Tobacco Free Ireland…..

The Trouble With Bubbles

Something has been bugging me for a while and I have been meaning to sit and write about it for as long. What do I want from all of this? What do I hope the outcome will be? What do I hope to achieve?

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