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New study: 6.1 million Europeans – British doctors call for more bans – Chewing the Cud – Brexit and TPD – The Secret To Altria’s Success – State officials addicted to nicotine taxes – Four More Lawsuits Filed Against FDA – E-Cigarette use Among Working Adults – The Brussels Syndrome – Undemocratic bullies – Tobacco Harm Reduction Update – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Monday, 27 June 2016

New study: 6.1 million Europeans

Have quit smoking with the use of electronic cigarettes – Dr Farsalinos

“These are probably the highest rates of smoking cessation and reduction ever observed in such a large population study,” said principal investigator of the study Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos. “The European Union data show that the use of electronic cigarettes seems to have a positive impact on public health for two main reasons: 1. High smoking cessation and reduction rates are observed, and 2. Electronic cigarette use is largely confined to smokers (current and former), with minimal use by non-smokers.”

See AlsoEU study shows that e-cigarette helped 6 million people quit smoking

British doctors call for more bans

And CDC promotes deadly “superlites” – Fergus Mason – Vaping Post

The big event of the past week was the UK’s decision to leave the EU, which may derail plans for even tougher restrictions on vaping. Meanwhile GFN 2016 was a huge success, but the CDC seems immune to the idea of harm reduction.

Chewing the Cud

Robert Innes

The Sun ‘newspaper’ has just released a story quoting from a study where the author conveniently forgets to mention that this research is old, and its type with regard to cell studies and their relevance to vaping have been thoroughly debunked, over and over, by experts in the field.

Brexit and TPD

Simon Rosselat – Vaping Post

Leaving the EU might in theory free the UK from the obligation to implement European directives, says ECigIntelligence and pro-Brexit vapers believe that – given Britain’s generally liberal attitude toward e-cigs – the London government could be prepared to reverse the law. But will it happen as early as British vapers expect it to be?…


The Secret To Altria’s Success

Quinn Foley – Seeking Alpha

The e-cigarette industry has filed a lawsuit against the FDA, claiming that recently proposed regulations are anti-competitive and protect Big Tobacco at the expense of alternative smoking manufacturers. The regulation in contention requires manufactures of tobacco products, including e-cig and vaping device producers, to obtain a pre-market tobacco application before being approved for continued availability on the market….

State officials addicted to nicotine taxes

Steve Greenhut – Orange County Register

The last time I wrote about tobacco-related measures, I concluded that California legislators and health advocates have let a bit of Puritanism get the better of them. Why else would the governor sign a law that makes no distinctions between smoking dangerous, combustible tobacco products (cigarettes) and puffing on vaping devices that are a safer, alternative product?

Vapour Trails TV

Marco stuffs his TF-RTA with cotton, Matt takes a very in-depth look at the Reuleaux RX75 Kit. Plus the usual ramblings!

Four More Lawsuits Filed Against FDA

To Block its E-Cigarette Deeming Regulations – The Rest of the Story

Last month, I reported that Nicopure Labs, a maker of e-liquids and vaping devices, filed a lawsuit against the FDA challenging its deeming regulations, claiming that they are in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) and the First Amendment.

E-Cigarette use Among Working Adults


Survey participants were considered to be currently working if they reported “working at a job or business,” “with a job or business but not at work,” or “working, but not for pay, at a family-owned job or business” during the week before the interview. Information on participants’ industry of employment and occupation was classified by the National Center for Health Statistics using a standardized coding system


The Brussels Syndrome

Head Rambles

Voting for something is quite simple… You are given two or more choices and if you so wish you can then select your choice on polling day and that’s that. Whoever has the most votes wins. If you don’t like the result then tough shit – that democracy for you.

Undemocratic bullies

Simon Clark – Taking Liberties

If you’re on Twitter you’ll have noticed that tobacco control campaigners are almost universally opposed to Brexit.

The most explicit reaction was tweeted this morning by the University of Bath’s Tobacco Control Research Group which set up the controversial Tobacco Tactics website:

E.U. Survey Finds E-Cigarettes

Helped 15 Million Smokers Quit or Cut Back – Jacob Sullum – Reason

A large survey of Europeans indicates that more than 6 million have quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes, while more than 9 million have cut back, according to a study recently published by the journal Addiction. “These are probably the highest rates of smoking cessation and reduction ever observed in such a large population study,” says the lead researcher, Konstantinos Farsalinos

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update

Bill Godshall – E-Cigarette Politics

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