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E-cigarette industry body seeks government meeting – New Study Finds E-Cigarettes Helped 15 Million Quit – Detroit Wayne County Mental Health Authority Issues Fraudulent Public Statements –  Tag You’re It – US Doctors Bucking Trends – Is This the End of Vaping? – What is TFN? – Study Finds E-Cigarettes Causes Big Drop in Smoking – Indiana Business Stops due to State Law – Vaping Choice Under Threat

E-cigarette industry body

Seeks government meeting to changes to EU vaping regulations – IBVTA – CityAM

An e-cigarette industry body will seek talks with the government to discuss whether EU vaping legislation can be renegotiated in the wake of last week’s Brexit vote.

The Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) told City A.M. that although the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) was transposed into UK law in May, the organisation will still “seek clarity” for its members on whether there could be any future changes to the law.

E-Cigarettes Helped 15 Million Quit Smoking

Heartland Institute

The study by Addiction is only the latest bit of research concerning the health implications of electronic cigarettes and VNPs. After U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in May to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, more studies have been finding greater evidence that e-cigarettes and VNPs may actually save more lives than endanger, and help ease the health burdens that are associated with tobacco.

Detroit Wayne County Mental Health Authority Issues Fraudulent Public Statements

Michael Siegel

There is abundant scientific evidence that vaping, which has caused no documented chronic disease or death in any identified individual, is safer than smoking, which kills more than 400,000 people each year, causes chronic lung disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, and contains more than 10,000 chemicals, of which more than 60 are proven human carcinogens.



Tag You’re It

Brent Stafford, RegWatch

Lost in the flurry of provincial vaping regulations, both real and threatened is an overlooked player that’s readying to flex its muscles—the federal government. The Liberals just started the clock ticking on a regulatory process guided by the recommendations of the ground-breaking HESA report “Vaping Towards a regulatory framework for e-cigarettes”.

US Doctors Bucking Trends

R Street

The rapid rise in popularity of e-cigarettes and other nicotine vapor devices has led some American doctors to begin to incorporate them into clinical practice when assisting patients who are smokers. According to a new policy study from the R Street Institute, their jobs would be made easier if U.S. public health authorities followed the model set by their counterparts in the United Kingdom.

Is This the End of Vaping?

Neil Robinson via Grimsby Telegraph

I’m sure most people would welcome any measure that reduces smoking, however, these regulations also include harsh measures affecting electronic cigarettes.

The Department of Health’s own impact assessment estimates the regulations will reduce the amount of products on the market by 96 per cent, making vaping a less attractive option for smokers.


What is TFN?

Next Generation Labs

TFN™ Nicotine is the purist, cleanest nicotine available not derived from tobacco leaf, stem, or waste dust. All current E-cig/Vaping brands and e-liquids use tobacco derived nicotine. TFN™ Nicotine is devoid of many of the impurities that tobacco derived nicotine contains. Most important, TFN™ Nicotine is virtually tasteless and odorless, dramatically improves e-juice flavors, while providing the same biological impact as tobacco derived nicotine. With TFN™ Nicotine, there is no need to mask the foul flavor and aroma of the nicotine. TFN™ Nicotine will allow you to craft a truly tobacco free vaping product!

Study finds E-Cigarettes Causes Big Drop in Smoking

Where the government failed, the private sector succeeded.
A new study suggests that e-cigarettes have helped cause one of the biggest drops in smoking rates ever recorded in Europe.
Published in the journal Addiction, more than six million Europeans have quit smoking and an additional nine million have reduced their cigarette consumption thanks to e-cigarettes.

Indiana Business Stops due to State Law


House Bill 1432 is an act to regulate e-liquids. It requires a manufacturer to obtain a permit from the alcohol and tobacco commission before bottling e-liquid or selling e-liquid to retailers or distributors. HB 1432 limits the ingredients that can be used in making e-liquids.

Vaping Choice Under Threat

Hartlepool Mail

It doesn’t matter if you are one of the 20% of this paper’s readers who vapes or smokes or if it’s your loved ones you are concerned about, it makes sense to protect the way out for everyone.



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