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Tobacco control freaks – TPD implementation in Poland – the end of vaping as we know it? – Government moves to tax e-cigarettes – Vaping was my saviour from smoking – Anti-smoking zealots miss vaping benefits – AIDS Drugs And Vaping – Public health benefits of e-cigarette use – August 8th Deeming FDA Regulations – Frequency of E-Cigarette Use – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Tobacco control freaks

Simon Clark – Taking Liberties

Public Health England is urging businesses to provide vaping rooms so vapers won’t have to stand outside with the smokers and their nasty little cancer sticks.

Personally I’ve no problem with vaping rooms. Like smoking rooms (outlawed) this should be a matter for individual businesses.

What’s more interesting is that PHE is also suggesting that workers who vape should be allowed additional breaks to top up their nicotine levels:

TPD implementation in Poland –

The end of vaping as we know it? – Mirosław Dworniczak – NSP

The first draft of the act was based on a straightforward transposition of the TPD, without any additional requirements. However, in November 2015, there were parliamentary elections in Poland and right now we have a single ruling party and a new government, with Dr. Konstanty Radziwiłł as Health Minister. He is well known for his hatred of e-cigarettes and used to say frequently that e-cigarettes are as bad as conventional ones – possibly even worse…

Government moves to tax e-cigarettes


The Finnish government is planning a new tobacco tax that will extend to include electronic cigarettes. A decision regarding taxation of e-cigarettes will be decided upon in autumn budget process meetings.

The new taxation level would be 30 cents per millilitre of liquid for re-filling e-cigarettes. If the proposal steps into effect in Finland, the cost of cheap e-cigarette liquids would rise – significantly.


Vaping was my saviour from smoking

Drew Whittle – New Zealand

I had smoked for at least 30 years and in that time I tried everything I could to quit: gum, patches, lozenges, pills, hypnotism, and cold turkey are some of the methods that come to mind.

Nothing worked for me.   That was until I tried vaping.

With vaping I got my nicotine fix and I had something to do with my hands at the same time. Now I am slowly reducing the nicotine level. Vaping really works, but the New Zealand Government doesn’t support it.

Anti-smoking zealots miss vaping benefits

Paul Murray – The West Australian

The long and bitter battle to bring down Big Tobacco was so hostile that it’s hardly surprising those on either side ended up with a siege mentality.

And while smoking rates and uptake levels are falling, the end game for the deadly habit is still unclear.

AIDS Drugs And Vaping

Daniel Hall

If the name Martin Shkreli isn’t familiar, the title of this post may have you scratching your head. I asked my editor earlier today what AIDS drugs and vaping have in common and he had no clue. I’m going to break down this thought quickly and simply, just to see if you notice the irony with what is going on with vaping in the United States, and to see if the hypocrisy makes you as angry as it made me. Get ready…


Public health benefits of e-cigarette use


A modeling study by top tobacco control experts finds that e-cigarettes are likely to provide public health benefits based on “conservative estimates” of the likely uptake of vaping and smoking by adolescents and young adults.

August 8th Deeming FDA Regulations

Because of generous donations from several local shops, this 30 second video commercial is now airing on Channel 8 for the next three weeks

Rob Ragan – Vapor Kings

Frequency of E-Cigarette Use

Kenneth E. Warner

Non-smoking high school students are highly unlikely to use e-cigarettes; among those who do, most used them only on 1–2 of the past 30 days. By contrast, current smokers are likely to use e-cigarettes and on many more days. It is unclear whether students’ e-cigarette use represents short-term experimentation or future sustained use



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