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I Vape… – Just in case – Slip sliding away – The Canonisation Of Clive Bates, Part 3 – What’cha doin? – US Senate May Consider Ban of E-cigs in Carry On Bags – Badges, a mountain run, a Skype call… – Whinges about healthy e-cigs are just hot air – Vaping Opponents Can Miraculously Read People’s Minds – “I vape and I am eligible to vote, but seldom do it” is probably a better slogan – At the UK’s Biggest Vaping Show, the Future Looks Hazy – Raising voices against vaping bans – e-Cigs Cut Tobacco Use in Patients – The Canadian Vaping Association legally challenges the Provincial Government – Groups await FDA tobacco rule – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Monday, 11 April 2016

I Vape…

Dave Dorn – The Sun Also Rises

We’re all in it together….. Except, it seems, we’re not. Every vape advocate I know is doing their level best to do whatever they do to the best of their ability. The vast bulk of them are amateurs (not a slur – I mean they don’t get paid, advocacy is not their job, they’re doing it because they love the Vape, they celebrate the Vape), and there are some who have experience in doing the advocacy and negotiating thing. All of the above are invaluable – they “work” from a point of passion. I love them.

Just in case

Dave Dorn – The Sun Also Rises

There’s a conversation happening. Simon Chapman’s involved. I commented. I’m posting my comment here, just in case it doesn’t make it over there. Oh – over there is at

I love that Simon Chapman appears not to want to engage with mere “civilians” on this discussion, but here’s my thoughts….

Slip sliding away

Christopher Snowdon – Velvet Glove Iron Fist

You may recall Aussie ‘public health’ sociologist Simon Chapman mocking concerns about the slippery slope 2012:

“Look, if the slope is slippery, it’s the most unslippery slippery dip I’ve ever seen in my life. We started banning tobacco advertising in 1976 and there has been no other commodity where there has been anything like a serious move to do what we’ve done with tobacco….”

The Canonisation Of Clive Bates

Part 3 – Dick Puddlecote

Last week I posted an article which fit nicely in with this blog’s ethos of pro-choice, anti-regulation, free markets and a deep hatred of ‘public health’. Unfortunately, it was deemed beyond the pale by Simon Clark of Forest because it featured a fierce anti ‘public health’ rant from Clive Bates….


What’cha doin?

Kevin Crowley – Vaping Links

Get your toothbrush, your best shoes and – well – maybe think about dusting off that Zippo – and stop by the local quickmart – grab yourself a carton of smokes – don’t bother bringing your #ecig. You “could” buy some disposable cigalike when you land – maybe – wherever you’re going – but you’re not getting yours on the plane….

US Senate May Consider Ban of E-cigs

In Carry On Bags – SFATA

Next week the Senate is scheduled to debate the FAA reauthorization on the Senate Floor. Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) has proposed an amendment (SA 3547) that will expand the list of hazardous products to vapor devices and prohibit them from being carried on ALL flights….

Vapour Trails TV

David Dorn takes the saddle in this weeks VTTV Monday edition. Where, joined by Keith, he’ll be taking a look at the Centurion, the Sigeli t150, having a little rant, and more!

Badges, a mountain run, a Skype call…

The bizarre things Welsh politicians offer in exchange for donations

It famously helped Barack Obama fund US Presidential bid – and now National Assembly candidates are enthusiastically adopting crowdfunding.

Candidates are promising donors unusual benefits from a hemp T-shirt to a mountain run a personalised voting prediction in exchange for their donations of anything from £5 upwards.

Whinges about healthy e-cigs are just hot air

Gloria De Piero – The Sun

ALL my life, politicians have been urging people to stop smoking. Now we finally have a breakthrough, some want to stop it.

I started smoking cigarettes at 13. Three decades later I would probably still be smoking them because, like millions of others, I couldn’t give up nicotine.

But then I found e-cigs. They’re 95 per cent less harmful than normal cigarettes….

Vaping Opponents

Can Miraculously Read People’s Minds – The Rest of the Story

A group of researchers who are attacking electronic cigarette use have apparently been able to determine that smokers are not using these devices to attempt to quit smoking. How were they able to come to this determination? …

… Apparently, by reading people’s minds!

“I vape and I am eligible to vote, but seldom do it”

Is probably a better slogan – Carl V. Phillips – Anti-THR Lies

There has a lot of discussion about tactics in the comments of my recent posts, including the common error that there is a tension between tactical thinking and scientific analysis (see the my last paragraph from the previous post). So this post is entirely about tactics — from a scientific perspective.


At the UK’s Biggest Vaping Show

The Future Looks Hazy – Tom Fenwick – Motherboard

The air is thick with sweet, dense fog—an impenetrable haze that falls somewhere on a scale between Victorian-era London and present-day Beijing. Around me are more snapbacks and tattoos than a Royal Blood gig, while in the distance a group of heavy-set men clamour for photos with a scantily-clad booth babe as though she were the last woman on Earth…

E-Liquid Use

Paul Barnes – Facts Do Matter

A Survey on new & existing users of vapour products and e-liquid use over time

The Canadian Vaping Association

Legally challenges the Provincial Government – Jérôme Harlay – PGVG

This is the message of the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) to vaping professionals in Quebec after the Government introduced severe vaping restrictions under the Bill 44. After numerous protests over the internet and on the radio, the CVA announced it would react.

Raising voices against vaping bans

Jérôme Harlay – PGVG

The provincial government of Ontario finally announced, last month, the implementation of vaping bans after they had delayed the decision, 5 months ago. During the 45-day consultation period, between negotiations and protests, vaping associations try to oppose the government’s decision.

e-Cigs Cut Tobacco Use

In Patients With Serious Mental Illness – Liam Davenport – Medscape

Italy — e-Cigarettes may help reduce tobacco smoking among individuals with serious mental illness as well as the harm associated with cigarette smoking in this patient population, results of a new pilot study indicate.

Groups await FDA tobacco rule

Lydia Wheeler and Tim Devaney

Industry and advocacy groups are expecting the Food and Drug Administration to release its long-awaited final rule to regulate cigars and electronic cigarettes this month.

The FDA, though, is keeping their cards close to the vest. FDA spokesman Michael Felberbaum said he did not have any update to share on the timing of the rule’s release.


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One comment on “In the News April 11th
  1. Baard Marius says:

    I’m a father of 4 children. I smoked tobacco from I was 17 until I turned 39. I tried to quit smoking several times, I even talked to my doctor about wanting to quit. The only option the doctors in Norway could offer me was taking a pill cure (pills used for anti depressants).. I told the doctor I wasn’t depressed and working as a counselor myself I know the side effects these pills can give you (not looking good). Finally I met a friend who introduced me to vape and let me put it this way; The day I tried vape for the first time was the day I quit smoking tobacco. I’m now 41 years old and still vape. I’ve now got 4 children who do not worry about dad anymore. In fact they are proud of me and so am I, thanks to vape..
    If the governments ban this now they are killing lives. They are asking for vape to become a criminal act. This we can not allow. There are millions of tobacco smokers out there who want to quit and they do not even know about vaping yet. Let them know there is a better alternative to quit smoking

    Support vape/Vapers Unite