Dutch Anti TPD Petition


Dutch Government to Implement the TPD within 3 months

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A brief summary of what will be implemented in Febuary 2015:

When you buy the product and the person buying is in Holland the following rules will apply (does not matter if you buy from outside of Holland):

  • Refillables (tanks) must not be larger than 2ml.
  • Bottles must be childproof.
  • Product must be protected against manipulation, breaking and leaking.

Refill liquid with nicotine:

  • Liquid bottle no larger then 10ml.
  • Nicotine strength no more then 20mg/ml.
  • Ingredients heated or unheated except nicotine must not be dangerous for use.
  • Liquid must not contain vitamins or other additives that lets people think it is healthier.
  • Caffeine, taurine or others which have a stimulating effect can’t be added.
  • You can’t color the liquid.
  • You can’t add chemicals which improve the effect of nicotine.
  • Can add additive which in unheated are cancerous, mutagenic etc.

Refill liquid without nicotine: As far as I can see the rules do not apply.

Warnings must be printed on the bottle

  • List of ingredients.
  • Nicotine strength (mg/ml).
  • Batch number.

In short you are not allowed to give a positive message about the product.
The following warning must be printed “This product contains a very addictive substance nicotine”

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A Big Thank you to Erick Storm  for helping with the translations

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