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In the News 30th December

Wednesdays News at a glance: Scientist Debunks Latest Claim That E-Cigarettes Are As Dangerous As Tobacco – Credulous or cynical? Science journalists played yet again by e-cigarette pseudoscience and spin – Dangerous nonsense about vaping – Quack claims about vaping, smoking and pets – Peddler Of Absurd Health Claims Ridicules Absurd Health Claims – Government prepared to take action on e-cigarettes – Anti-smoking advocate calls for further price hikes – Getting the Vapors – CASAA comments on FDA proposed “intended use” regulation of ecigs – Amendment to Government Decree

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In the News 1st May

Image courtesy of Totally Wicked’s Vaping Manifesto Fridays News at a glance: Vapers In Power Call to Action 1st May 2015 – Electronic Vaporiser Device (EVD) user survey – Vaping Among Teenagers – Totally Wicked’s Vaping Manifesto -Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest –

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