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On World No Tobacco Day, the WHO should promote vaping ~ COULD SNUS BE THE SOLUTION TO AFRICA’S RISING SMOKING RATES? ~ Tobacco 21 Is Unstoppable, but U-Turns Are Unacceptable ~ TV doctor’s orders are that e-cigarettes are good ~ Methemoglobinemia ~ Rethinking tobacco and nicotine – a Twitter chat ~Vaping in Public Places ~ POLL: US consumers want government to keep hands off the tech sector and embrace vaping ~ The Year Is 2020, and the US Has Banned Vapes. What Happens Now? ~ Maryland raises legal tobacco purchasing age to 21 ~ Bill to raise age limit for tobacco misses the mark ~ City snuffs use of vape pens and e-cigs where (real) smoking already banned ~Diesel is bad for your health ~ Las Vegas students create anti-vaping de vice named VapeMate ~


On World No Tobacco Day, the WHO should promote vaping

Ivo Vegter, Daily Maverick

The World Health Organisation has adopted a hardline authoritarian stance on tobacco that threatens to do more harm than good. It should promote vaping, instead of recommending prohibiting or restricting its sales.

World No Tobacco Day is on 31 May 2019. On the surface, it seems hard to quibble with the World Health Organisation (WHO) when it warns that tobacco smoke is harmful to the lungs, and to health in general. It certainly is, though I’m not convinced we need a special day to remind us of that.

However, in recommending strict regulations for vapes, also known as e-cigarettes or electronic nicotine delivery systems, the WHO is going beyond its mandate and against the evidence.


Joseph Magero, Medium

You’ll be surprised to know that Sweden is the only country to have reached the WHO F.C.T.C goal of reducing cigarette smoking to less than 20% of the adult population. Sweden has one of the most effective anti-smoking policies in Europe, measured by the significant reduction of the numbers of smokers. Snus has played an important role in achieving this goal, since 54% of the snus consumers are ex-smokers.

Tobacco 21 Is Unstoppable, but U-Turns Are Unacceptable

Brad Rodu, Inside Sources

Walmart added momentum to the Tobacco 21 movement by announcing recently that it would raise the minimum age for tobacco sales in July.  So far this year the number of T-21 states has doubled to 12, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called for congressional action to implement the policy across the United States.

However, everyone is not in favor of curbing underage access — sort of.

TV doctor’s orders are that e-cigarettes are good

New Nicotine Alliance

Thursday saw the staging of the second UK Vaping Industry Association Annual Forum and the NNA was invited to participate. The keynote speaker was TV’s Dr Christian Jessen, an outspoken supporter of e-cigarettes as an innovative solution for smokers who wish to switch away from tobacco.

He delivered a highly amusing and thought-provoking speech on the “mistrust of science” in many policy areas, and how vaping suffers from the same interferences from people whose intentions are far from altruistic.


Dave Cross, Planet Of The Vapes

Doctors Patrick Twohig, Jaclyn Rivington and William Cook have written about a patient who presented at Case Western Reserve University’s MetroHealth Medical Centre in Cleveland. Writing in The American Journal of Medicine, they present “A novel case of methemoglobinemia” to the on-going debate about vaping.

Rethinking tobacco and nicotine – a Twitter chat

Clive Bates, The Counterfactual

I’ve just taken part in a Twitter chat on tobacco harm reduction with an Africa focus. The chat was organised by the Campaign for Safer Alternatives (@GoingSmokefree) with hashtag #SaferAlternatives. I thought it would be good to preserve it in one place and invite more comments and questions. You can access the tweets from here to comment, and please use the hashtag and tag me if you would like a response. Disagreement and debate welcome! Trolls, not so much.

NNA_Banner_Support_TransVaping in Public Places

Dave Cross, Planet Of The Vapes

Among the industry-related discussions at UKVIA Forum 2019, one debate focussed on a subject of interest to many vapers – the freedom of where you can vape. Andy Tighe represented the views of the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), Andrew Allison spoke on behalf of The Freedom Association and Martin Cullip wore his New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) hat. Mark Pawsey MP, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vaping, marshalled the proceedings.

POLL: US consumers want government to keep hands off the tech sector and embrace vaping

Yaël Ossowski, Consumer Choice Center, Yahoo

Consumer polling shows consumers want their freedom to choose to be protected, and favor innovation rather than regulation to solve major issues

Washington, D.C., May 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Consumer Choice Center commissioned the polling institute Kantar to conduct an international consumer poll in four countries. In March 2019, a total of 8,166 adults in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Germany were asked about their views on government policies and consumer rights.

Commenting on the findings featured below, Yaël Ossowski, Deputy Director at the Consumer Choice Center, said it was refreshing to see that American consumers are well aware of their freedom to choose, and of the benefits that follow from it.

The Year Is 2020, and the US Has Banned Vapes. What Happens Now?

Michael McGrady, Filter Magazine

President Donald Trump finished his overture at this year’s Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit in Atlanta by asking attendees to stand with him in fighting for a “drug-free America.”

Trump’s “work” to fight any public health crisis related to the widespread use of legal or illicit substances has featured policies that undercut years of harm reduction success. His administration’s approach to tobacco-related health issues and nicotine is a case in point.

Maryland raises legal tobacco purchasing age to 21

The legal age to buy tobacco and nicotine products in Maryland will be raised from 18 to 21, and the state will add vaping devices to the list of tobacco products, under legislation signed Monday by Gov. Larry Hogan (R).

Bill to raise age limit for tobacco misses the mark

Ramesh Ponnuru, AEI

If 18-year-olds are old enough to fight in a war for our country, why aren’t they old enough to drink alcohol legally? It’s a question that has been asked, mostly by 18-year-olds, for decades. To my mind, it has never received a wholly satisfactory answer. But keeping bartenders from serving teenagers legally at least kept third parties safer from drunk driving.

City snuffs use of vape pens and e-cigs where (real) smoking already banned

Oxford Eagle Staff, Magnolia State Live

Soon the use of vape pens or electronic cigarettes will be prohibited in establishments around Oxford. During their meeting on Tuesday, the city’s Board of Aldermen voted to add those devices to the city’s smoking ban ordinance.

Diesel is bad for your health

Head Rambles

I was in visiting Herself in hospital yesterday.

In walked Nurse Diesel, as always pushing her thingumyjig on wheels.  You know the yoke?  It’s a sort of pole with a load of little diagnostic gizmos on top with cables and tubes hanging off it.  Nurses plug patients into it and it gives readouts on blood pressure, pulse, temperature and all that stuff.  It’s simple enough but it looks important.

Las Vegas students create anti-vaping device named VapeMate

Alicia Pattillo, KTNV Las Vegas

Vaping or e-cigarettes are battery powered smoking devices that are usually pumped with a liquid containing flavored nicotine.

It’s highly addictive and popular among young kids. This team has a personal connection to the issue and they felt this was the opportunity to create change.


On this Day…2017

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise….

It’s The Vaping, Stupid!

Dick Puddlecote

You know, if truth was personified, strolled up to ASH HQ and introduced itself to the rancid tax-spongers with its business card, they would still have trouble recognising it. They simply don’t do honesty.

Today, the odious, illiberal, disingenuous coven of troughing sock puppets have yet again been twisting language to claim credit for declining smoking rates which should, properly, be attributed to e-cigs.

Vape Friendly FDA Commissioner

Robert Morgen

The Trump Administration’s pick to head the United States Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, has been confirmed to the position of FDA Commissioner.

Vaping Post is reporting that Gottlieb, who has had detractors and supporters on both sides of the aisle, was confirmed on Tuesday by the Senate and is expected to take up the post as soon as possible.

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