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US study confirms that vaping is safer, but NHS complains about e-liquid – Swedish Setback – Safer Tobacco Product Marathon: An Update – 5 Myths about E-cigarettes and Public Health – Adolescent Smoking Again Hits a Record Low – We Need to Reduce the Harms of Draconian Tobacco Policies – Oregon is vaporizing this shop owner’s free speech rights – Vaping company that pays it forward by hiring beneficiaries – The ‘vape’ forward – E-cigarettes less toxic to users – Vaping In The News December 15th – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

US study confirms that vaping is safer..

But NHS complains about e-liquid – Fergus Mason

Following analysis of toxicants in the bloodstream of vapers and smokers, a team of US researchers has made a discovery that surprises nobody – vapour products aren’t as bad for you as cigarettes. That hasn’t stopped a British health department from trying to start a new panic about teens drinking e-liquid, though, while cowboy juice makers continue to endanger the entire industry by adding prescription drugs to their products.

Swedish Setback

Mawsley, Planet of the Vapes

A government proposal, an intentional mistranslation and a letter were to form the subject of this article, but the Swedish government has rushed through legislation at speed. Planet of the Vapes spoke to NNA Sweden’s Chairman, Atakan Befrits, about what is taking place.
The letter was sent to the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, the Left Party, the Greens, the Social Democrats, the Centre Party, the Liberals, the Moderates, the Christian Democrats, and the Sweden Democrats.


Safer Tobacco Product Marathon:

An Update – Brad Rodu, Tobacco Truth

Smokers who are interested in vastly safer alternatives to cigarettes need to know that companies have filed four FDA applications seeking approval for advertising or marketing claims that their products are safer than cigarettes. Technically, the companies are seeking “modified risk tobacco product”, or MRTP, approval. Here are status updates on the applications.

We Need to Reduce the Harms…

Of Draconian Tobacco Policies – Marewa Glover

Harm reduction shouldn’t just seek to reduce the harm caused by drugs, but also the harm caused by drug policies,” tweeted Alex Wodak, a leading drug harm reduction advocate in Australia, last month. Harm reductionists worldwide have long shared this view.

Shouldn’t this be equally true when it comes to tobacco? That not only should we seek to reduce harm caused by smoking or chewing tobacco, we should also seek to reduce harm caused by tobacco control policies? Because believe me, those harms are real and severe.

Amid the Underage Vaping ‘Epidemic..’

Adolescent Smoking Again Hits a Record Low – Jacob Sullum

 The latest results from the Monitoring the Future Study, released today, show a jump in vaping by teenagers similar to the one indicated by the National Youth Tobacco Survey numbers published last month. They also show that cigarette smoking by high school seniors, which hit a record low last year, continues to decline.
Since e-cigarettes are far less dangerous than the conventional, combustible kind, the relationship between these two trends is vitally important in evaluating the public health impact of the underage vaping “epidemic.”

Teen vaping is soaring as the Trump administration tries to crack down

5 Myths about E-Cigs and Public Health

Richard Morrison, CEI

My colleague Michelle Minton recently released an excellent new study on the health impact of e-cigarettes and why some people are misrepresenting the risks involved (watch Michelle’s interview with Reason TV’s John Stossel on the topic here). The full study, complete with all of the details and end notes, is 100 pages long, however, so for readers looking for the short version, we’ve prepared a blog summary and the infographic below. Happy vaping!

Oregon is vaporizing…

This shop owner’s free speech rights – Paul Bates

Imagine a world in which you were not allowed to tell the truth, make art, or use descriptive words for a legal product that can save lives. By law.

Couldn’t happen here—not in Oregon, right? But it has.

That’s effectively what the state of Oregon is doing to small business owners like me. I am the owner of a 21-and-over vape shop in Portland, and most of my customers are people just like me: people who have used e-cigarettes to kick a cigarette habit. E-cigarettes are currently the most popular and effective method of quitting smoking.

Vaping company that pays it forward

By hiring beneficiaries – Andre Chumko

Vaping product company Vapoureyes targets beneficiaries when looking for new employees.

Owner Morris Lazootin employs about 15 full-time staff – nine are former beneficiaries.

“I’m a product of the welfare system,” Lazootin said. “I came from a low socioeconomic family back in Australia, went to public schools, grew up on welfare, I was on welfare at university.”

The ‘vape’ forward

Samrat Chowdhery

Vaping has been taken up by many around the world as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes and vapes are essentially bought by smokers to try a new and effective method of smoking or even help them quit the habit. Official reports from the 2016-17 Global Adult Tobacco Survey states that 0.02 per cent of the Indian population regularly vapes. But estimating the availability of vapes in shops like local panwallahs, it can be said that there are close to 10 lakh users in the country

E-cigarettes less toxic to users

Than cigarettes, study says – Naomi Thomas, CNN

Although the long-term health effects aren’t known, there are ways to estimate them, said Maciej Goniewicz, one of the authors of the study, published Friday in the journal JAMA Network Open. “One of the ways to do that is to measure chemicals in our body that can indicate exposure to toxicants, so some biomarkers, and that is what we did in the study,” said Goniewicz, a pharmacologist and toxicologist at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Vaping In The News December 15th

Kevin Crowley, Vaping Links

Ex-Smokers Who Vape: Smoking Lapses and Relapse ~ Open Access Farsalinos ~ Blocked Bates Blasts Back ~ Comparison of Nicotine and Toxicant Exposure Cherry🍒🍒🍒picking from Dr. Gottlieb: ~ American Cancer Society: Gary Reedy ~ Did Ray Liotta really quit smoking with Chantix? ~ Killer Ads ~ The Science of Vaping

On this Day…2017

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise….

Join The NNA Campaign 

To Challenge Public Vape Bans

Time To Get Behind the Challenging Prohibition Campaign

The New Nicotine Alliance has begun a campaign opposing blanket vaping bans at work and in outdoor and indoor public spaces and they need your support.

Vaping is NOT covered by the current smoking bans meaning technically you can vape anywhere – however the NNA whilst pointing this out accept even they don’t want to see the use of e-cigarettes allowed everywhere!

#VapesGiving – 2017!


CASAA is thrilled and honored to be a participating member of the inaugural fundraising event, #VapesGiving.

Hosted by the American Vaping Association (AVA), funds collected during #VapesGiving (December 13 – 19) will be distributed to more than twenty state and national associations working tirelessly to defend access to vapor products.

Public Health Leaders Ask to Be Removed

From Mailing List of Foundation Offering Them Tobacco-Funded Grants

When Derek Yach, president of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, emailed 344 people last week, offering them grants from his tobacco funded foundation, he didn’t “BCC” those email IDs – he made his mailing list public, letting everyone know who else he was in touch with.

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