Vapers Digest 2nd March

Wednesday’s News at a glance:

Bloomberg’s huge harm-reduction hypocrisy: Compare his approach to narcotics and cigarettes ~ Majority of young adults and adolescents in the United States are using cannabis instead of nicotine, study shows ~ Superintendent charged after students allegedly ordered to take off their clothes during vape search in Wisconsin ~ Felony Charges for School Official Who Searched Girls for Vapes ~ POTV News Nominated for UK Award ~ Philippine President Pressed to Perform ~ ETHRA February news roundup ~ Perks of vaping ‘staggering’ ~ Switching to tobacco alternatives, science and pragmatism


TWO from Dave Cross, Planet of the Vapes

POTV News Nominated for UK Award

Planet of the Vapes News has received a nomination as part of the 6th annual UK Enterprise Awards 2022 within the wider category of News and Blogs. The Awards are coordinated by SME News, a digital publication aimed at those who own, run, or assist in the running of small and medium-sized businesses within the UK.

Philippine President Pressed to Perform

The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) has written to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte asking him to urgently sign the Vaporised Nicotine Products Regulation Act into law. The Philippines stands on the cusp of taking a leading stance in the region on tobacco harm reduction.

Switching to tobacco alternatives, science and pragmatism


Each year 2.7 million Europeans are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer will become the number one cause of death in Europe within a few years without action. Europe’s ambitious Beating Cancer Plan aims to reverse this trend and reduce the number of smokers in Europe to less than 5% by 2040. The European Parliament is the first EU Institution to recognise the vital role of tobacco harm reduction strategies by replacing cigarettes. Less risky alternatives to cigarettes could reverse the rising cancer rates in Europe.

On this Day…2018

Waste Of The Week: W.O.W., NIH Wasted $17M For Rats On Smack. They’re Vaping Too.

Arin Greenwood, White Coat Waste Project

This edition of Waste of the Week is a real tail of terror:

Once upon a time some sicko taxpayer-funded white coats decided they wanted to hook rats on heroin.

And also nicotineoxycodone, and THC—the active ingredient in marijuana—while they were at it.

Sometimes these white coats made the rats vape nicotine and THC, too, by stuffing them into a vapor-filled “sealed rat chamber.”

Danger Disappears

Stanton Glantz has been fabricating nonsense about the dangers of dual use of cigarettes and ecigs for years. Colleagues at the University of California San Francisco picked up from his work to fabricate their own counterintuitive warnings. Now a paper in Nicotine & Tobacco Research finds that vaping contributes minimally to toxicant biomarkers.

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