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WHO has gone rogue on tobacco policy – millions at risk from tired dogma and a refusal to grasp innovation ~ Happy World Vape Day! ~ World Vape Day: Millions of Adult Smokers Have Quit, But Danger Looms ~ S3 E11: Taxing Vaping For Harm Reduction ~ Vaping: part of the solution for Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan? ~ Why developing nations are facing obstacles to tobacco harm reduction ~ India Scored A Self-Goal With Its E-Cigarette Ban ~ Tobacco control: What we’re missing ~ We won the fight against smoking ~ NRA takes shot at the AMA for protecting vaping monopoly ~ BAT Publishes 10-Year Review of Vaping Science ~ Missed Opportunities in New Zealand ~ Menthol E-liquid Demand Surge ~ GFN 21 “Fives” Are Live ~  Time for some serious talk on tobacco? ~ ETHRA May news roundup ~ The Best In Vape-Related News: May 2021

WHO has gone rogue on tobacco policy –

millions at risk from tired dogma and a refusal to grasp innovation

Clive Bates, The Counterfactual

A message for World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2021

If you just want to go straight to our unforgiving and detailed letter to WHO – it is here.

  1. A response to WHO’s terrible press release
  2. Comments on tobacco harm reduction from expert stakeholders
  3. Addendum: it’s all about the smoke (Lynn Kozlowski)
  4. Addendum: environmental vapour risk (Roberto Sussman)
  5. Addendum: pro-THR statements by organisations (via Charles Gardner)
  6. Addendum: The WHO and tobacco policy: a seven-point reform agenda


Asian Pacific consumer group says WHO’s latest tobacco report confusing to public health
World No Tobacco Day exposes Big Public Health’s failure
Time Is Overdue to Rename World No Tobacco Day to World No Cigarette Day
Make May 31 World No Smoking Day, Not No Nicotine Day
World No Tobacco Day: Here’s why WHO’s approach to tobacco cessation needs an overhaul

Happy World Vape Day!

Christopher Snowdon, Velvet Glove Iron Fist
When I tried my first e-cigarette in 2008 (or was it 2009?), I didn’t imagine that public understanding of their risks, relative to smoking, would have gone backwards by 2021. Nor would I have predicted that the World Health Organisation would have gone to war on them or that the European Commission would be gearing up for another bash at regulating them into the dust.

World Vape Day: Millions of Adult Smokers Have Quit, But Danger Looms

Lindsey Stroud, Taxpayers Protection Alliance

Today, May 30, is World Vape Day. Created by consumers of e-cigarettes, World Vape Day is the day to celebrate the millions of American adults that have quit smoking with the use of vapor products. It is also a day to combat the World Health Organization’s (WHO) anti-science stance on tobacco harm reduction products.


Testimonials & Statements
Canadian Vapers Unite for World Vape Day
The WHO’s Opposition to vaping could cost millions of lives
‘Vaping can save millions of lives,’ speakers say on the occasion of World Vape Day

S3 E11: Taxing Vaping For Harm Reduction

Podcast: C. D. Howe Institute

NRA takes shot at the AMA for protecting vaping monopoly

Tobacco Reporter

British American Tobacco has published a comprehensive review of the scientific evidence for vaping products, their potential health effects and their role in tobacco harm reduction.




THREE from Dave Cross, Planet Of The Vapes

Missed Opportunities in New Zealand

Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy (AVCA) says that the New Zealand government’s budget missed an opportunity by not providing extra funding to support ‘vape to quit’ programmes. But, it adds, there were positive moves which can be built on to promote vaping and reduce tobacco related harm.

Menthol E-liquid Demand Surge

The demand for menthol e-liquid has risen one year on from ban of same flavoured cigarettes indicating that many menthol smokers have switched. A survey by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) reveals that 70% of vaping retailers have seen a surge in demand in the wake of the Government’s menthol cigarette ban. The trade body has called upon the Government to “recognise the important role” vaping plays in reducing smoking numbers.

GFN 21 “Fives” Are Live

The first Global Forum on Nicotine “Fives” are now live on its website with a lot more coming as they get processed – ready for the GFN’21 conference in Liverpool during June. The event focusses on the role of safer nicotine products and The GFN Fives are a new way to play an active part in the conference.

Time for some serious talk on tobacco?


New Delhi: The World Health Organisation has spent a little over three and a half discussing ways to handle the big tobacco crisis. Now, in 2021, scientists and thinkers are discussing the possibility of reducing nicotine in cigarettes to non-addictive levels, triggering a fundamental change in the tobacco industry and public health.

AMAM: Study found vape can help smokers quit

The Sun Daily

PETALING JAYA: More than 80 practitioners attended the 11th National Conference on Addiction Medicine (11thNatCAM) which was organised by the Addiction Medicine Association of Malaysia (AMAM) and the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Association Malaysia (FPMPAM) on the May 23.

ETHRA May news roundup

May was a busy month for reporting on tobacco harm reduction and vaping in particular. A lot of the news from around the world has been bad, with policy makers pushing for restrictions or outright prohibition. People are questioning the ethics of these policies at an increasing level though, as the reporting is starting to reflect. That can be expected to continue with the consequences of prohibition under the spotlight right now.

On this Day…2015

Electronic cigarettes safer than tobacco

Says Dr Derek Yach – Vitality Institute:

VITALITY Institute head Derek Yach on Tuesday urged doctors to promote electronic (e)-cigarettes to their smoking patients, saying they offered a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. Tobacco products kill six million people a year, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)….

World No Tobacco Day


Instead of the WHO’s “World No Tobacco Day,” we’d be better off with a new event: “World No Tobacco Control Day,” says ACSH’s Gil Ross on Science 2.0. “Public health’s” focus on prohibition of all tobacco and nicotine is harmful to benefiting health by harm reduction…

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