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Enthusiast Damien Hoops uses an electronic cigarette at The Vapor Spot vapor bar in Los Angeles

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The Philosophy of Vaping 1 – Conflicting vapers, smokers and the rest of the world – World No Tobacco Day – Electronic cigarettes safer than tobacco – Peter Phelps On E-Cigs And The Nanny State – My 16 year old brother is…a vaper – Indonesia has it backward – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Tue, 2 June 2015

The Philosophy of Vaping 1

Liam Bryan – Vapers in Power:

I used to smoke, I happened to identify as a smoker. This, thanks to both the truths and untruths propagated by “Public” Health, entailed a set of beliefs about my life. I thought I was harming myself (mostly true), I thought I was harming others (possibly exaggerated) . This mixed the pleasure of smoking with feelings of self-disgust and guilt. Nonetheless, I continued, for many, many years. Untold tens of thousands of cigarettes…..

Conflicting vapers, smokers and the rest of the world

Vaping Point:

We live in very interesting times. Since the 1920’s we have been manipulated by propaganda. Though the euphemism for propaganda is “public relations” or “marketing” now. Last century spawned new industries that promoted themselves using Edward Bernay’s propaganda techniques. “In his later years, beginning in the early 1960’s, he was a public opponent of smoking and took part in anti-smoking campaigns.” He advised ASH USA on how they could re-engineer society to marginalise smokers. Their techniques have been immoral to say the least…..

World No Tobacco Day


Instead of the WHO’s “World No Tobacco Day,” we’d be better off with a new event: “World No Tobacco Control Day,” says ACSH’s Gil Ross on Science 2.0. “Public health’s” focus on prohibition of all tobacco and nicotine is harmful to benefiting health by harm reduction…

Electronic cigarettes safer than tobacco

Says Dr Derek Yach – Vitality Institute:

VITALITY Institute head Derek Yach on Tuesday urged doctors to promote electronic (e)-cigarettes to their smoking patients, saying they offered a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. Tobacco products kill six million people a year, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)….

Peter Phelps On E-Cigs And The Nanny State

PDF Available here

Liberal NSW government whip Peter Phelps makes a speech against hardline nanny statists who want to see e-cigs banned.

My 16 year old brother is…a vaper

Early this morning I get a Facebook message from my 16 year old brother… he’s a good kid, works a real job, gets good grades and he has a level head on  his shoulders. He’s got piercings and a tattoo… Kids grow up a lot faster it seems, these days compared to when I was a kid…..

Indonesia has it backward

Its not e-cigarettes thats the problem but smoking

Indonesia recently announced that it will institute a nationwide ban on e-cigarettes. It might seem that banning an addictive and harmful, nicotine-delivering product that is attractive to kids makes sense. But it’s a mistake.  If Indonesia really wanted to protect kids and improve the public health, it would keep e-cigarettes legal and use them effectively as a less-harmful alternative to smoking….

Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Tue, 2 June 2015



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