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“At War With The Tobacco Industry” – Could The European Court Of Justice Save Lives? – Power to the People – 2018 Vape Predictions – The Merry E-Cigarette Vaping Christmas Game – What Are The Anti-Vaping Laws In Your State? – FDA Previews War On Flavors – BAT to buy SA’s biggest vaping company – The Association of Vapers India – The New Age Of Intolerance – ‘Heat-Not-Burn’ Products Less Harmful  – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

“At War With The Tobacco Industry”

Dick Puddlecote

Well we have always suspected as much, but today the WHO’s newly-installed leadership has finally admitted that it isn’t interested in what works to encourage smokers to quit … it just hates the industry.

Director General Dr Tedros Ad-hanom Ghebreyesus (an Ethiopian with a dodgy background) only took office in July this year but his genius has already seen Robert Mugabe recruited as a {cough} goodwill ambassador before worldwide disgust forced him to backtrack.

Could The European Court Of Justice…

Save Lives? – New Nicotine Alliance

On 25 January 2018 the European Court of Justice has the opportunity to end the EU ban on the world’s most successful smoking substitute.

In a hearing starting at 0930 the court will look at the legality of the EU prohibition on snus – an oral nicotine product which is very popular in Sweden. It has driven the astonishing reduction in the country’s smoking rate from 50% to just 5%. By contrast the EU average is 24%


Power to the People

Harry Shapiro

I recently wrote a blog for the website of the Wellcome Institute called Guerrilla Public Health. It was a brief overview of the history of harm reduction in the UK and centred on the fact that the early days of harm reduction were really driven from the bottom up, by drug users themselves concerned about their health and supported by other enlightened health professionals. It was the introduction of needle exchange schemes and a far more flexible approach to opiate substitute therapy that kept incidence of HIV among UK drug users down to some of the lowest levels in Europe.

Reviewing Vaping Regulations

House of Lords 19th Dec. Many thanks to @dnglos for the YouTubage

2018 Vape Predictions:

15 E-Cig Experts Predict The Future of E-Cigs

For the sixth year running, you’ll find our annual vape predictions. Our aim here is to get a range of perspectives from across different sectors and different parts of the world.

We’ve sought out scientists and experts to give us the viewpoint from academia, while public health representatives let us peer into the policy perspective.

We think it’s really important to include the views of vapers, and you’ll find the opinions of vape bloggers, reviewers and advocates.

The Merry E-Cig Vaping Christmas Game

Brian Fojtik

For the last decade, my family has participated in an old family Christmas game. The kids (and the adults eventually) have fun playing it. We all stand in a circle and hold a paper lunch bag that includes a prize. In the family setting, the prizes included various candies, maybe a free cheeseburger coupon from McDonald’s, a one-dollar bill or a five-dollar bill. I’ve modified the game for your Vapor Christmas enjoyment. Welcome to The Merry E-Cigarette Vaping Christmas Game, a fun, educational game for ADULT smokers and people who love them!

What Are The Anti-Vaping Laws?

Carl V. Phillips, Daily Vaper

The CDC has published a useful table of anti-vaping laws in U.S. states and territories as of September 2017. Unsurprisingly, they took the opportunity to write a pointless anti-vaping diatribe. But if you just look at the table that contains all the actual research, and avoid reading the awful accompanying prose, this is a convenient resource.

FDA Previews War On Flavors

Carl V. Phillips, Daily Vaper

Despite the four-year delay in its near-ban of vapor products, it has always been apparent that the U.S. FDA would continue to harass vapor product users and merchants. In particular it was clear that limiting flavor options would be part of their strategy. The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, the executive office that reviews proposed regulations, has posted an abstract of the FDA’s first move in this direction.

BAT to buy SA’s biggest vaping company

Dave Chambers

Cigarette giant and rand-hedge British American Tobacco (BAT) SA is buying SA’s biggest vaping company‚ Twisp.

Based in Cape Town‚ BAT SA said it wanted to expand its “next-generation products” business and offer consumers a choice of “compelling and innovative” alternatives to smoking.

CEO Soraya Benchikh said on Thursday: “We are extremely pleased that Twisp … will be part of the BAT family. This acquisition will contribute towards BAT’s growth and sustainability and will enhance our contribution to the country’s current and future economic growth.

The Association of Vapers India

Chats With EcigClick

India is home to a staggering 12% of the world’s smokers and as the country’s Government considers a total ban on e-cigarettes one group is fighting to save vaping and in the process save umpteen millions of lives.

The Association of Vapers India may be small but are growing daily and despite the Indian Government trying hard to ignore them – slowly but surely dialogue with the reluctant politicians is starting – but is it too late?

The New Age Of Intolerance

Dick Puddlecote

As Snowdon wrote on Tuesday, there was fabulous news from Austria that their smoking ban has been stopped by the new government. The Guardian – big fans of a ban in just about every policy area – reported it in its own inimitable way, putting quote marks around the word freedom, presumably because their journos don’t understand its meaning.

‘Heat-Not-Burn’ Products Less Harmful

Jake Fisher –  HuffPost

‘Heat-not-burn’ tobacco products are safer than conventional cigarettes, according to research presented to Public Health England (PHE).

A report by the Committee of Toxicology (CoT) found that the ‘smokeless’ devices – in this case, the IQOS and the iFuse – expose users to up to 90 per cent fewer harmful chemicals than a normal cigarette. But they also warned that some of the chemicals that remain can cause cancer, and that quitting smoking entirely remains a safer option.

On this Day…2016

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise….

Stealth Vapes Great Year Pt1

Dave Cross

It’s been a cracking year, we hope you’ve enjoyed it. Obviously we aren’t referring to that thing we all voted on because it seems like nobody’s happy with that. Or the catalogue of much-loved celebrities who’ve been ripped from us. Or the diabolical weather, traffic gridlock, price rises and Britain’s Not Got Talent. Aside from those, and almost everything else, it’s been a cracking year.

How the FDA . .

Is perpetuating the problem of exploding e-cig batteries
Diane Caruana – Vaping Post

Last week another incident of an “exploding e-cigarette” was reported in Connecticut. Safety experts agree that the problem with these devices are the cheap aftermarket batteries that need to be urgently replaced. But what is stopping these manufacturers from recalling and replacing these batteries?

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