Vapers Digest 22nd December

Wednesday’s News at a glance:

New Nicotine Alliance (NNA)

Quitters are increasingly turning away from less effective traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) smoking cessation methods, though a continued decline in the smoking rate highlights the success of vaping for cigarette smoking cessation.

According to the latest Public Health England (PHE) data, the number of smokers setting a quit date using traditional NRTs through the NHS Stop Smoking Services hit a record low of 3.5% in 19/20, down from 7.3% in 13/14. That’s a 52% drop in six years.

UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA)

The UKVIA has labelled an anti-vaping report in the Lancet “incredulous, laughable, untrue and extremely worrying.”

Says John Dunne, director general of the UKVIA: “We have the greatest respect for the medical profession but for one of its leading journals to carry an article which states that there is no robust evidence to show that vaping has accelerated smoking cessation is quite unbelievable and completely untrue.


One from Dave Cross, Planet of the Vapes

2021 – Second Quarter Evocation

Poor studies and news from the United States dominated the media cycle during the first three months of 2021, but the first quarter ended on a positive note in the United Kingdom. The next three months began with vape shops being allowed to open again in England. News broke about the impact of lockdowns, VApril hit town, and then Matt Hancock left office.

Risky Regs: Flavor Bans Push Vaping into Black Market

International Network of Consumer Organizations (INNCO)

“Nicotine gum has been available for three decades. It is available over the counter in many countries. It is on the WHO’s list of essential drugs. Nicotine gum comes in fruit flavour, fruit medley flavour, cinnamon flavour, mint flavour, and menthol flavour. It doesn’t come in tobacco flavour! The reason, obviously, is that the pharmaceutical industry knows that no smoker trying to quit would ever buy that. If no one uses it, it doesn’t help anyone cut smoking.’” ~ Charles Gardner, PhD.

On this Day…2017

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

“At War With The Tobacco Industry”

Dick Puddlecote

Well we have always suspected as much, but today the WHO’s newly-installed leadership has finally admitted that it isn’t interested in what works to encourage smokers to quit … it just hates the industry.

Director General Dr Tedros Ad-hanom Ghebreyesus (an Ethiopian with a dodgy background) only took office in July this year but his genius has already seen Robert Mugabe recruited as a {cough} goodwill ambassador before worldwide disgust forced him to backtrack.

‘Heat-Not-Burn’ Products Less Harmful

Jake Fisher –  HuffPost

‘Heat-not-burn’ tobacco products are safer than conventional cigarettes, according to research presented to Public Health England (PHE).

A report by the Committee of Toxicology (CoT) found that the ‘smokeless’ devices – in this case, the IQOS and the iFuse – expose users to up to 90 per cent fewer harmful chemicals than a normal cigarette. But they also warned that some of the chemicals that remain can cause cancer, and that quitting smoking entirely remains a safer option.

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