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Wednesday’s News at a glance:

A Year of Change for Tobacco Harm Reduction

Derek Yach, Global Health Strategies LLC

Some things never seem to change in the world of tobacco control. At the end of 2021,there are still more than 1 billion smokers in the world, and about 8 million deaths each year from tobacco-related diseases, most of them in lower-to-middle-income countries. The World Health Organization and the Secretariat that oversees the landmark agreement, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, was still stressing the need for a nicotine-free world while demonizing tobacco harm reduction (THR) and reduced risk products (RRPs).

Snusforumet’s most-read articles of 2021

Which stories were the most popular with Snusforumet readers during the last year? We’ve compiled a list of Snusforumet’s most-read articles to make it easier for readers to find, read, and share the “greatest hits” of the past 12 months.

Without Us \\ SPOTLIGHT Series

VIDA Voices

In this piece, Aaron Biebert (Director – A Billion Lives, You Don’t Know Nicotine) wraps up our SPOTLIGHT Series in Canada by reflecting on the past seven years covering this topic and all the people our team has met along the way.


House Bill Would Treat Synthetic Nicotine as Tobacco

Jim McDonald, Vaping360

Responding to outcry from tobacco control groups, a bill has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives to regulate products made with synthetic nicotine. The Clarifying Authority Over Nicotine Act, HR 6286, would give the FDA Center for Tobacco Products regulatory authority over consumer products containing nicotine from any source.

Committed adult smokers who start vaping more likely to drop cigarettes

Adult smokers who say that they don’t plan to quit smoking but who start using e-cigarettes are more likely quit than those who don’t start vaping, according to a new study. People who say they’re not trying to quit often aren’t included in studies of the potential benefits of e-cigarettes for adult smokers, and the new data shows that the group should be considered during that type of analysis.

E-cigarettes may help you quit smoking, even if you don’t want to

Association of e-Cigarette Use With Discontinuation of Cigarette Smoking

Among Adult Smokers Who Were Initially Never Planning to Quit

JAMA Network

Key Points

Question  Is e-cigarette use associated with discontinuation of cigarette use among smokers initially not planning to ever quit?

Findings  In this US nationally representative cohort study of 1600 adult daily cigarette smokers who did not initially use e-cigarettes and had no plans to ever quit smoking, subsequent daily e-cigarette use was significantly associated with an 8-fold greater odds of cigarette discontinuation compared with no e-cigarette use.

Daily Vaping Dramatically Ups Quit Rate in Heavy Smokers Not Aiming to Quit

Roswell Park

Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, to the United States in 2006, intense debate has surrounded the marketing, regulation and use of these nicotine-delivery products. Surprising new research led by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center has found that adult smokers with no plans to quit are more likely to quit smoking traditional combustible cigarettes if they switch to daily vaping.

Mounting evidence shows that e-cigarette use (vaping) can help smokers give up combustible tobacco for good, even if they have no intention to quit. According to a just-published study of 1,600 people in JAMA Open Network, daily smokers who used e-cigarettes every day were eight times more likely to quit cigarettes than smokers who didn’t try vaping. The researchers utilized four waves of data collected between 2014 and 2019 as part of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) study.

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