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Proposed restrictions and bans on disposable vaping products – Nonsense in NorwayCASAA Debunks Vaping Myths! – Time for a RethinkASA Finds Against VPZASH: Increase Disposables’ RegulationWisconsin Bill Addresses Concerns – My advice to teens about vapingE-cigarettes as a first-line aid – Nicotine E-Cigarettes as a Tool for Smoking Cessation – Government dragging on better ways to help smokers – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

Proposed restrictions and bans…

On disposable vaping products are short-sighted and counterproductive.
New Nicotine Alliance

In February, Dr Caroline Johnson MP introduced a ten minute rule bill proposal in the House of Commons to ban single use “disposable” vaping devices. It was passed without objection and will now have its second reading on 24 March.

Additionally, on 11 February, the Local Government Association proposed adding vaping products to the tobacco display ban and imposing plain packaging while Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) suggested a tax of £4 per disposable vape to make them more expensive than refillable devices in order to deter youth uptake.

We question whether there is a better way of dealing with the problems that single use devices pose, as some of the measures proposed will almost certainly be damaging to public health.

Nonsense in Norway


The Norwegian government has launched a consultation, through the EU TRIS notification system, on amendments to the tobacco control act which would introduce plain packaging and a flavour ban for all e-liquids. It would also introduce a minimum quantity for snus cans. The consultation ends on 1 May. This is a simple consultation to respond to, and it is important that you do.

There is already a lot of hostility towards vape flavours within EU institutions. One of the measures proposed in the European Commissions’ Beating Cancer plan is to work towards a full ban on flavours for vaping products (page 10). Just last week we reported that a tender to support actions in the field of tobacco control was awarded to contractors which include Bloomberg funded Vital Strategies. One area they will examine is flavours and ingredient listings.


CASAA Debunks Vaping Myths!

Michelle – Ecig Click

CASAA are a nonprofit organisation with the aim of empowering consumers and representing their interests in relation to access to Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) products.

Their work involves education and increasing awareness of THR with the public, advocate for responsible THR policies and support policies that improve public health.

There is so much bad press about vaping at the moment, that it is great to see their new video debunking the more common negative vaping myths.

Time for a Rethink

Derek Yach

Active work on the WHO FCTC began with Gro Harlem Brundtland’s appointment as WHO director general in 1998. I was tasked with creating the Tobacco Free Initiative that would develop a treaty to address tobacco control as its primary goal. Substantial work over decades and many resolutions of the World Health Assembly adopted by consensus provided the elements of the treaty. Each element was based on taxes or regulations that were in place in some countries that had contributed to measurable declines in cigarette consumption by 1998. It was the first time the WHO had used its treaty-making provisions provided by the Constitution.

Two from Dave Cross, Planet of the Vapes:

ASA Finds Against VPZ

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint by ASH Scotland that VPZ made implied medicinal claims for smoking cessation as part of the promotion of its quit clinics. As part of its coverage on the matter, Channel 4 spoke to a claimed ‘expert’who trotted out a stream of half-truths and lies unchallenged.

The ASA said: “A website for VPZ VapeClinic,, seen on 30 August 2022, featured a headline which stated ‘Make the switch today with the VPZ Vape Clinic’.

“Text underneath that stated ‘Book a FREE 30 minute appointment today. Quit, or your money back. Vape Clinic by VPZ is a dedicated, one-to-one consultation with our e-cigarette specialists….”

ASH: Increase Disposables’ Regulation

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) says that “following increases in youth vaping and amid growing concerns among parents, teachers and local authorities”, it is calling on the Government “to act without delay” to strengthen regulation and fund enforcement. The charity has set out its recommendations in a plan of action.

“As a first step”, ASH says, the Government needs to increase “excise tax on single use (disposable) vapes to be implemented in the Budget on March 15th. This would immediately reduce the affordability of these products, which are the most popular vapes with children and can currently be bought for under a fiver.”

Wisconsin Bill Addresses Concerns

Over Suring “Vape Searches” – Jim McDonald

Wisconsin state legislators have introduced a bill that would make some invasive searches of students a crime. The proposed law was inspired by searches for vaping products conducted by a school administrator in the small town of Suring last year.

In January 2022, Suring School District Superintendent Kelly Casper was accused of forcing students aged 14 to 17 to remove their clothes down to their underwear so Casper could search for vaping devices. The students were not told they could refuse to be searched, and parents were not notified until after the searches were conducted.

My advice to teens about vaping

Colin Mendelsohn

MY ADVICE FOR TEENS is don’t smoke and don’t vape. However, it is your decision and you need to know the facts so you can make an informed choice.

Most of the information on vaping in the media is alarmist and misleading, and often plain wrong including campaigns by NSW Health and other state governments and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, so I have made a short video to give you the facts.

You may also like to see my Dr Col’s Vape Truth videos which outline the real truths about vaping.

Vaping involves heating a liquid with nicotine into an aerosol which is inhaled. Vapes are designed to help adult smokers quit.

E-cigarettes as a first-line aid

For smoking cessation in adults – Emily Henderson

Should electronic cigarettes, or vapes, be accepted more widely as an effective and respected tool for treating adult smokers’ nicotine addiction?

Kenneth Warner, dean emeritus and the Avedis Donabedian Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, says there is enough evidence to support e-cigarettes’ use as a first-line aid for smoking cessation in adults.

“Far too many adults who want to quit smoking are unable to do so,” Warner said. “E-cigarettes constitute the first new tool to help them in decades. Yet relatively few smokers and indeed health care professionals appreciate their potential value.”

Rethink e-cigarettes’ role in treating cigarette smokers’ nicotine addiction

Nicotine E-Cigarettes

As a Tool for Smoking Cessation – Nancy Rigotti

As a diverse group of internationally known experts in tobacco cessation and the risks/benefits of electronic cigarettes, we were asked to discuss the evidence regarding the use of e-cigarettes as tools to help smokers quit using tobacco.

We were asked specifically to address the current knowledge for the clinical care of smokers and not to discuss issues about e-cigarette use by youths or never smokers.

The paper reviews evidence that vaping increases smoking cessation and evidence about the health consequences of e-cigarette use. It concludes by summarizing what this evidence implies for clinical care.

Government dragging on better ways

To help smokers pack it in – Joshua Hagen

By legalising “snus”, a smokeless tobacco product believed to be an effective tool for those trying to quit smoking, the Australian Government could better help smokers break the habit, writes Joshua Hagen.

THE AUSTRALIAN Government’s stance on “snus”, a smokeless tobacco product, has been controversial.

Despite evidence suggesting it is a helpful tool for those trying to quit smoking, snus remains illegal here while nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) are heavily taxed, making them less accessible. This raises the question: Why is the Government not supporting those who are trying to quit smoking?

On this Day…2022

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

EU cancer plan passage ‘important step’

For tobacco harm reduction – Snusforumet

The European Parliament has adopted a “historic” EU cancer plan to guide the region’s fight against cancer. Swedish MEP Sara Skyttedal called the vote an “important step” in acknowledging tobacco harm reduction.

The recommendations were included in a report submitted by the parliament’s Special Committee on Beating Cancer (BECA). The measures passed with 652 votes in favour, 15 against, and 27 abstentions.

Among other things, the report identifies smoking as one of the main causes of cancer and calls for the funding of smoking cessation programmes.

Scottish Government’s ban on adverts

‘Is not the answer’ – Guy Stewart

A PUBLIC health expert has criticised the Scottish Government’s plans to ban the advertising of vapes and e-cigarettes.

A consultation was launched last Thursday February 3 as part of the SNP’s plans to reach a tobacco-free generation by 2034 – they have asked for public opinion on the banning of e-cigarette adverts.

Dr Michael Green, professor of public health at Glasgow University, said the ban could disadvantage smokers looking to quit tobacco.

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