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Let’s not copy New Zealand’s mistake with ciggies

Damon Miles, Spectator Australia

New Zealand this week banned smoking for the next generation.

Those under 14 will never be allowed to legally smoke in their lifetime. Australia is not far behind with health experts calling on the government to also completely ban retail cigarette sales to curb smoking. Yet these experts and the Australian government don’t seem to realise that banning goods off the market only makes them spread like wildfire.


TWO from Dave Cross, Planet of the Vapes

NZ Smokefree Fag Ban

New Zealand’s government has announced its Smokefree Aotearoa plans and has prompted British campaigners to announce similar measures. The action taken will change who is allowed to buy cigarettes, what is in them, and where they can be stocked. Action on Smoking and Health have demanded similar action from the UK government.

AVCA Respond To NZ Plan

Consumer group AVCA have responded to New Zealand government’s Smokefree Action Plan, saying it fails to elevate vaping. A leading vaping advocate says the Government’s smokefree action plan has failed to fully recognise vaping as a viable alternative for Kiwi smokers keen to quit.

Smoking is up for the first time in decades, thanks partly to the FDA’s regressive war on vaping

Amanda Wheeler, New York Post

For the first time in 20 years, smoking rates are on the rise. That mournful finding ought to be reinvigorating the effort to stamp out cigarettes. Astoundingly, the opposite is happening.

A new tax on nicotine vaping, which Democrats have tried to inject into the Build Back Better bill, would drag more than 2.5 million Americans back to cigarettes, according to National Institutes of Health-funded academic research. And just weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration effectively outlawed nearly all vaping products, though they’ve proven to be the single most effective method to quit smoking ever devised.

The controversial trick that helped Joe Hildebrand quit smoking

On this Day…2020

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

Great Vaping Reset | Canada Moves to Restrict Nicotine Levels

Brent Stafford, RegWatch

Another hammer has dropped on the Canadian vaping industry. The Federal government announced it is moving to restrict nicotine levels to a maximum concentration of 20mg/mL for vaping products manufactured, imported, or packaged for sale in Canada.

For many Canadian vapers, the proposed new limit would slash (by half for some) the amount of nicotine consumed when vaping and (by Health Canada’s own projections) cause some vapers to return to smoking.

Health Effects and risk of vaping: is the SCHEER report accurate? (Dr. Renèe)

Center of Excellence for the Acceleration of HArm Reduction (CoEHAR), Catania Conversation

The European Commission and its Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) has recently published a preliminary Opinion on electronic cigarettes.

The report mainly focused on adverse health effects and the risks associated with e-cigarettes.

Following the publication, three leading scientists contesting the conclusions of the report.

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