News Review 9th August


This is the week that was….

Later than usual as a certain “Vaping Festival” needed visiting! Naturally this is a very subjective opinion post, which I shall select what was considered by myself to be the most important of that day

Monday 3rd August


The highlights for me were two items:

1) Which features the ever inspirational Louise Ross, and who has just announced that Leicester SSS will be involved in a Randomised Clinical Trial(RCT) in collaboration with QMUL(Queen Mary University of London) to hopefully demonstrate efficacy of latest generation e-cigarettes.

Continuing the record throughout Europe that every single court case has produced a positive result in favour of e-cigarette vendors and customers. overturning ridiculous local rulings.

Tuesday 4/8/15

NJOY- Warning

The outstanding post of the day,and one that will be a continuing battleground area if opponents have their way, how addictive is nicotine when not associated with tobacco? Read the Lindsay Fox blog here

Wednesday 5/8/15


One of the most significant stories of the day relates to Stop Smoking Services figures in Dumfries and Galloway where the local Public Health adviser is seemingly at a loss to explain the use of e-cigarettes in its local non e-cig friendly service A more robust reply to this nonsense was posted by the forthright (and excellent) Dick Puddlecote here

Thursday 6/8/15


The highlight was an interview with Professor Riccardo Polosa discussing lipoid pneumonia and the tragic ensuing consequences where an unrelenting negative press campaign has managed to reduce Vape Shops by 90% and consumers by 80% with a presumed return to smoking!

Friday 7/8/15


Two highlights of the day:

1) With Vapefest in the minds of many,read the 3 things that people could consider getting involved in

2) SGS fake markings on Vape products highlighted on TV

Overall summary

Once again a very quiet week for news, another court ruling in Austria and also Malta offered further encouragement that courts would act in an impartial manner towards e-cigarettes. It was good to read the Louise Ross interview and see other Public Health authorities make some positive noises towards e-cigarettes and the confirmation from ASH UK especially with this graphic:


that e-cigarette use rapidly has overtaken all other methods for smoking cessation. The honest pragmatic organisations seem to have changed their positions in the last 18 months throughout the UK but sadly not some such as the BMA, other countries offer a mixed bag but largely they remain antipathetic, despite the evidence to demonstrate otherwise.