News Review 2nd August


This is the week that was….

Hopefully a new feature for the website adding comment and opinion to the weeks highlights in the news.

Naturally this is a very subjective opinion post, which I shall select what was considered by myself to be the most important of that day


Both refer to the blatant lies and spin in the press release from the ACS (a recurring theme).


This,yet again confirms and answers the ever increasing hysterical and fraudulent claims from out of control government agencies particularly in the US.

Herzog writes about the convenience store market, which will undoubtedly be more focussed on the sale of outdated,ineffective,costly ‘cigalikes’, which we know are only ~40% of the of the overall Vaping market.


Carl Phillips commenced a series (4 currently) trying to explain why the opposition to Tobacco Harm Reduction exists and who are the major players


Highlights the fraudulent claims of Public Health Directors and the Welsh Government lapdog bodies that supports bans


An Outstanding post by Sally Satel ,this was my highlight of the week

Well done …if you got this far . Act upon this!!

Overall impressions:

Generally a very quiet week for genuine new news stories, Anti-THR stories in general and E-cigs in particular are rapidly and effectively countered with factual content to counter the malicious spin.