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New Study Refutes Claim that Electronic Cigarettes are a Gateway to Smoking

Michael Siegel debunks latest study:

A new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine refutes the claim that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking.

The paper reports the results of an online survey of 1,304 undergraduate students at a large university in Oklahoma. The mean age of respondents was 19.6 years. Students were asked to report….

A critique of a World Health Organization-commissioned report and associated paper on electronic cigarettes

Now officially published

This paper addresses the ways in which the review and subsequent Circulation paper misrepresent the evidence, misinterpret it or frame it in a way that is misleading. Our critique is structured around the first nine statements in the executive summary of the report, many of which were repeated in the paper. We present each main statement, an alternative statement that we believe reflects more accurately the state of evidence, and a commentary addressing the differences between the two….


New report from Norway: Electronic cigarettes – usage patterns, user groups and user culture

Situation Report from Norway via Vaping Giraffe

Last Friday (the 12th) the Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research (SIRUS) released a report on e-cigarettes with focus on usage patterns, user groups and user culture. I talked to Rikke Tokle, who is responsible for the study, in January when the project was in the start up phase. She said back then that “the background for SIRUS to start this project is the desire for more knowledge and focus on the users and their experience with using e-cigarettes”.

 E-cig ban slammed

Closer to home, vaping bans in Warwickshire via Leamington Observer

THE RIGHTS of people across the district will go up in smoke if plans to ban the use of electronic cigarettes are given the go-ahead, it was claimed this week.

Health chiefs at Warwick District Council have recommended the authority’s smoking policy is revised to ban the devices, which use nicotine vapours to help people quit, in all council buildings.

 Dr. Lynne Dawkins is looking for volunteers

Recently purchased an e-cigarette? New to vaping? New users wanted to take part in UEL survey

Please answer ONLY if this is your FIRST e-cigarette purchase and you have purchased it for your own personal use. We would like to ask you about your initial purchase of an e-cigarette as well as your patterns of use and experience over the next year. We would therefore like to get responses from you today and at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months from now. The survey will only take 10-15 minutes to complete on each occasion.

E-Cigarettes in review 2014: Health, regulation and advertising wars

Fairly balanced article from Guy Bentley – CITYA.M.

The E-Cigarette revolution has taken the world of public health by storm. Depending on your point of view these devices are either a critical part of getting people to quit smoking or a new gateway drug that could lure young people back to cigarettes.

More from the Cochrane Report

E-cigarettes can help smokers to stop or reduce smoking

Useful quotes within the article

This review provides a timely reminder of the challenges faced by smokers who find it hard to stop smoking. The results so far need to be strengthened with further comparisons between electronic cigarettes and other traditional ways of stopping smoking such as chewing gum and patches, and evidence on long-term safety- David Tovey Cochranes Editor in Chief

Can e-cigarettes help you quit smoking? – video

Short Video from Victoria MacDonald – Channel 4

A new study claims that using e-cigarettes can significantly help cigarette smokers quit, or at least cut down.


Thank You For Not Smoking

Originally published in November but still very relevant.

Katie Richardson – Littlegate Publishing

For those who are in the dark regarding e-cigs, let me present the undisputed facts: they are designed and marketed for the consumer to absorb nicotine and satiate addiction without the toxins found in tobacco smoke. Some e-cigs are disposable; others are battery-operated and charged in a USB portal. A mechanism heats up a liquid which is then inhaled as a water vapour, containing no constituents or by-products of burning tobacco, cyanide, tar or carbon-monoxide. – See more at:
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