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Todays  news round up from t’internet!


The big lie about e-cigarettes!

Europe’s largest retail network of e-cigarettes eSmokingWORLD file lawsuit against Agence France-Press (AFP)

In this context, the publication of information AFP now is very dangerous and has its own specific economic dimension, even if it contains a thesis that can not defend themselves from a scientific point of view, and contrary to the objective analysis of the test results, which supposedly presented” – says eSmokingWORLD Public Affairs, Jerzy Jurczyński….



A (Goose) Step too Far

When the smoking ban in cars with children was first mooted I had a problem with it; not because I thought that smoking in cars with children was a good thing, I certainly don’t, but because it is the first step on the proverbial slippery slope of allowing the state to control our otherwise perfectly legal activities within our own private space….

More baseless propaganda from the Faculty of Public Health

Before I give my view, let’s just dispose of this argument by citing the experts who actually monitor smoking and e-cigarette use in England (no-one at the FPH does any serious work in this field). Professor Robert West and Dr Jamie Brown, provide a concise, accessible and highly recommended summary of the evidence in British Journal of General Practice commentary, Electronic cigarettes: fact and faction, which considers this point….

Outcasts! E-cig smokers left out in the cold as more venues ban the devices

Manchester Evening News

‘Vaping’ is outlawed at  Old Trafford  andThe Etihad, on trams and Metrolink  stops, trains and train stations, in all council buildings across  Manchester, Stockport andSalford and scores of eateries.

Can e-cigarettes actually help smokers quit?

More positive reporting based on the Cochrane Report

Of course, the safest thing to do is to avoid cigarettes—electronic or otherwise—altogether. But for those already addicted to nicotine, e-cigarettes may be the lesser of two evils. “I hope now the debate can move on to how best we can advise and support smokers using these products to stop smoking completely as soon as possible,” said Ann McNeill, a professor of tobacco addiction at the National Addiction Centre at King’s College London, in an official statement.

One in seven use electronic cigarettes

TORONTO December 11th, 2014 – In random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll™ among 2154 Canadians 18 years of age and older, 1-in-7 had ever used an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette (15%), and this behaviour is especially characteristic of the youngest (26%), the least wealthy (24%), in the Atlantic provinces (21%) and Alberta (19%) and the least educated (secondary school or less – 21%).

Nicotine inhaling products: introducing a minimum age of sale

Department of Health and Welsh Government

Open consultation seeking views on proposals to introduce a minimum age of sale for the purchase of nicotine inhaling products, including e-cigarettes.


A request from Patricia Waters partner Marilyn:

” Do you know if anyone who knew Pat lives reasonably close to Ludlow and might be prepared to attend her Thanksgiving Service to read out the lovely tribute to Pat from the Vaping Community?
It is taking place at 3pm on Tuesday 6th January at Ludlow Methodist Church, Broad Street Ludlow.
I know the community committee came from all over the country as Pat once tried to organise a venue for a meeting, so will understand if this is not possible.”
Best wishes

Are you able to help? If so please either leave a comment below or Contact Us and we will pass your details on to Marilyn

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