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A Vaping Good News Day!

The release of the Cochrane report has led to a huge flood of good articles and press about vaping. A summary of which we have collected here. Please take time to watch and listen to Louise Ross, some excellent comments that Public Health have to listen to.

Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation and reduction

The Cochrane Report

Combined results from two studies, involving over 600 people, showed that using an EC containing nicotine increased the chances of stopping smoking long-term compared to using an EC without nicotine. Using an EC with nicotine also helped more smokers reduce the amount they smoked by at least half compared to using an EC without nicotine. We could not determine if EC was better than a nicotine patch in helping people stop smoking because the number of participants in the study was low….


Study backs ‘vaping’ for smokers

Blackpool Gazette

“Vaping” can help traditional cigarette smokers kick the habit or at least cut down, a study has found.

The UK and New Zealand researchers behind the Cochrane Library review say the results are encouraging but that more studies are needed.

Trials show E-Cigarettes help smokers quit

Electronic cigarettes help smokers stop or cut down on their tobacco consumption without causing harmful side-effects, a review of clinical evidence has found.

The Cochrane Collaboration, an independent network of health researchers that exists to assess data about the efficacy and risks of drugs and medical procedures, has carried out its first analysis of E-Cigarettes.

Vapour Trail

The Economist

THERE are few more reliable routes to an early grave than cigarette smoking. But despite the dangers, nicotine addicts find it almost impossible to kick the habit. Half of those who try to stop “cold turkey” will fail within a week. Fewer than 5% manage to stay clean for a year or more. Crutches such as nicotine patches or gum, which provide the drug without the cigarettes, can help—but only a little.

E-cigarettes could help some smokers quit

Analysis of the Cochrane E-Cigarette review by the NHS

Professor Robert West, editor-in-chief of the journal Addiction, was quoted as saying: “It’s early days, but it seems that these devices are already helping tens of thousands of smokers to stop each year.”

E-cigarettes ‘help smokers cut down and quit’

From Cancer Research UK

One of the authors, Prof Peter Hajek from Queen Mary University of London, told the BBC: “Although our confidence is limited because of the small number of trials, the results are encouraging.

“Both trials used e-cigarettes with low nicotine delivery, and it is likely that more recent products are more effective.
“Several ongoing studies will help to answer the question more fully.”

Louise Ross – Leicester Stop Smoking Services:



Updated 19th Dec.

E-cigarettes can help smokers to stop or reduce smoking

Useful quotes within the article

This review provides a timely reminder of the challenges faced by smokers who find it hard to stop smoking. The results so far need to be strengthened with further comparisons between electronic cigarettes and other traditional ways of stopping smoking such as chewing gum and patches, and evidence on long-term safety- David Tovey Cochranes Editor in Chief

Can e-cigarettes help you quit smoking? – video

Short Video from Victoria MacDonald – Channel 4

A new study claims that using e-cigarettes can significantly help cigarette smokers quit, or at least cut down.

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