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Specious Similarities – Sorry, Uncle Sam: E-cigarettes just aren’t that bad – Scotland to launch first safety trial of e-cigarettes and pregnant women – Advocacy Groups Launch Campaign and National Tour – David Goerlitz – the Winston Man talks tobacco and vaping – We Don’t Need ‘Decades of Research’ to Know Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking – U.S. policy wrong on vaping and nicotine – Entire Country has Banned Smoking – Blinded by ideology – Blackmarket suppliers keep Oman vaping – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Monday, 5 September 2016

Specious Similarities

Norbert Zillatron

Vaping looks so much like smoking. Putting something to your mouth, inhaling, and exhaling a cloud. This leads many people to jump to the erroneous conclusion that the physical processes involved might be similar, too. Even scientists trying to measure emissions fall for it. Like all those finding the Freaking Formaldehyde.

Sorry, Uncle Sam: 

E-cigarettes just aren’t that bad – Mike VanOuse

I smoke a pipe. There is no wise argument for smoking. It’s merely a self-destructive choice that adults in free society are able to select. We all get to die some day regardless. As for the stupidity aspect, it puts smokers right down there with Twain, Kipling, C.S. Lewis, Einstein, and MacArthur.

First safety trial of e-cigarettes

Judith Duffy – Herald Scotland

SCOTLAND is to carry out the world’s first study examining the safety of e-cigarettes for pregnant woman and their unborn babies.

The study comes amid growing controversy over e-cigarettes. Last week it was reported that they are as bad for your heart as smoking after research found a similar effect to conventional smoking on the stiffness of the main blood vessel in the body.


Advocacy Groups Launch Campaign

Jim McDonald – Vaping 360

Three vaping advocacy groups are teaming up with Americans for Tax Reform and taking their act on the road in October. They’ll be hitting cities across the country to organize and promote interest in changing the predicate date in the deeming regulations, and generally spreading the truth about vaping.

The Winston Man talks tobacco and vaping

David Goerlitz

You might not have heard of David Goerlitz before, but if you remember the 1980s it’s pretty certain you also remember the Winston Man. Star of one of the cigarette industry’s most influential advertising campaigns, the Winston Man got to do all the adventurous things most of us can only dream of – and he did it all with a cigarette jutting from his chiseled face.

We Don’t Need ‘Decades of Research’

To Know Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking – Jacob Sullum

Dieter Holger defends his Inquisitr article about e-cigarettes, saying he did not dodge the issue of whether they are less dangerous than the conventional kind, because he never meant to address it:


U.S. policy wrong on vaping and nicotine

Freddie Dawson – ECig Intelligence

Policy makers have been making decisions based on incorrect assumptions according to a new study, which has concluded that the vast majority of U.S. youth vapers are using e-cigs for flavours not nicotine.

The study by academics from the University of Michigan is the first in the U.S. to try and determine what substances student vapers actually use in their e-cigs. Around two-thirds (65-66%) of those surveyed reported vaping just flavouring compared to 16.5% using nicotine.

Entire Country has Banned Smoking

Matt Broomfield –  Independent,

The president of Turkmenistan has banned the sale of all tobacco products, if reports from within the tightly-controlled nation are to be believed.

A new decree allegedly bans the sale of all tobacco products, with shops facing a fine of up to £1,200 (or 6,900 manats in Turkmen currency) if they are caught selling cigarettes.


Blinded by ideology

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Anti-smoking zealots and tobacco prohibitionists should be celebrating the nascent vaping business as a public health wonder that could help millions of Americans put down the cancer sticks.

Instead, they’ve launched an all-out attack on the industry, primarily under the guise that e-cigarettes could tempt kids to eventually take up the smoking habit.

Blackmarket suppliers keep Oman vaping

A bootleg trade in electronic cigarettes is operating across Oman, despite a ban on ‘vaping’ and e-cigarettes introduced in December. People returning from abroad are bringing in electronic cigarettes and feeding the market, according to a Ministry of Health official.

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