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Precisely what risks? – To #Vape or not to Vape? That is the question – Expert suggests offering free e-cigs – Trading Standards jump the gun – A Policy Experiment is Worth a Million Lives – To Protect Porn Stars But Not Smokers? – Clinical trials for e-cigarettes – WHO’s Director-General candidates: – Vaping gone up in smoke? – Snus use, smoking and survival – E-cigarettes a safe option to kick the butt – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Monday, 17 October 2016

Precisely what risks?

Paul Barnes – Facts Do Matter

As part of the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive – 2014/40/EU – and specifically Article 20, the section that relates specifically to e-cigarettes the European Regulatory Science on Tobacco (EUREST – what can I say, the EU does alphabet soup better than the Americans) – the EU wanted a report on the “potential risks” of the product. To be fair, that is a laudable goal considering the use of the product. The problem, of course is the implementation. Not to mention the cost.

To #Vape or not to Vape? 

That is the question – Martin Banks

Despite decades of efforts to counter the problem, smoking remains a major public health risk for Europeans as the number of smokers in the world has increased rather than fallen, writes Martin Banks.

But what is perhaps less well known is that tens of thousands of people have been helped to quit smoking – by using e-cigarettes.

Expert suggests offering free e-cigs

Diane Caruana – Vaping Post

Whilst in the US, the topics discussed in debates about e-cigarettes are mostly to do with the heavy regulations put in place and how the industry and it’s consumers are trying to survive them. In the UK it is all about research and how these devices can be best incorporated in smoking cessation plans in order to support smokers in quitting the deadly habit.

Trading Standards jump the gun

Peter Beckett

The vaping world in the UK is reacting to stories about liquids that have been taken off the shelves in Knowsley, including McDonalds Apple pie liquid sold in a box that closely resembles the one used by the fast-food giant. Many in the business are happy that the authorities are finally clamping down on some of the less palatable practices seen in the industry. But it seems Trading Standards may have jumped the gun here.


A Policy Experiment

Is Worth a Million Lives – Lynn T. Kozlowski

Smoking cigarettes is a public health disaster in the United States and the rest of the world. Every year, around 500,000 smokers die prematurely, and the Surgeon General considers smoking the single largest preventable cause of death in the United States. But not all tobacco products are alike in the risks they bring to users and those around them. This diversity of ways to deliver nicotine to the user offers regulatory pathways to reducing—perhaps radically—the toll of smoking.

California Ballot Choices:

To Protect Porn Stars But Not Smokers? – Sally Satel

On November 8, Californians will vote on Proposition 60, The Condoms in Pornographic Films Initiative. A “yes” vote would mean that condoms and other protective measures must be used during filming. Also, the producers of adult entertainment would not only be required to provide these supplies but cover the costs of testing for and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases as well.

Clinical trials for e-cigarettes

Matt Rowland

The American vaping industry has been feeling under attack since the FDA deeming regulations were first announced last May, but a new rule threatens to make matters even worse. According to The Hill, the FDA now wants to reclassify e-cigs and vaping technology as a drug or drug delivery device. If the rule is adopted, then manufacturers may be forced to undergo a very expensive and time-consuming clinical trial process before releasing their products to market.

A Billion Lives – Demand Film

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WHO’s Director-General candidates:

Visions and priorities – The Lancet

A new Director-General of WHO will be selected in May, 2017. Richard Horton and Udani Samarasekera asked the six candidates competing for the position about their candidacy.

The forthcoming election of the next Director-General of WHO comes at a critical moment not only for the world’s only multilateral health agency but also for the precarious trajectory of global health itself.

The Vaper Expo Hangover

Vaping gone up in smoke?

Hafidz Baharom – Malaysia

I’ll start with a personal statement. I come from a family of smokers, and some have moved to vaping and e-cigarettes as a conscious choice to reduce harm to their health by foregoing cigarettes entirely.
With spare parts for vaping now being difficult to find, coupled with the fact that even licensed sellers are going bust, many have fallen off the wagon not just in my personal circle, but most likely in many parts of the country as well.

Snus use, smoking and survival

Among prostate cancer patients – Peter Hajek

The Surgeon General 2014 report found no association between smoking and incidence of prostate cancer; just incidence of advanced stage suggesting smokers sought medical help later than non-smokers; and mortality from the disease which is a consequence of the same thing. This study seems to have found the same thing for both smoking and snus use (the authors do not report incidence data), i.e. that smokers and snus users seek help later than people who do not smoke or use snus. This does not imply any snus risk.

E-cigs a safe option to kick the butt

Bengaluru: The State health ministry recently banned the sale of electronic cigarettes this June during the term of former Health Minister U.T. Khader, citing serious long term effects on health. In addition, the Indian Medical Association had in January discouraged the use of electronic cigarettes to cut down on smoking as these disguised forms of tobacco could have ‘serious’ long-term effects on health.

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