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Why no headway on e-cigarettes, vaping? – Big Government Tactics 101: Save the Children!E-cigarettes a safe option to kick the butt: Survey – The smoker rebellion – Let’s call time on stupid vendors – The Exception That Proves A Fool – Prohibitionomics

Why no headway on e-cigarettes, vaping?

Astro Awani

I’ll start with a personal statement. I come from a family of smokers, and some have moved to vaping as a conscious choice to reduce harm and foregoing cigarettes entirely.

With it now being hard to find spare parts and even licensed sellers going bust, many have fallen off the wagon not just in my personal circle, but most probably in many parts of the country as well.

As such, the question above needs to be asked not just from a Malaysian standpoint, but also a global one. The Ministry of Health (MOH) has promised a guideline regarding vaping and e-cigarettes for almost a year now.

Big Government Tactics 101: Save the Children!

Capital Research Center

Today, the same tactics used to squeeze cash from Big Tobacco in the 1990s are being brought to bear on electronic cigarettes, increasing e-cigs’ costs and restricting access.

Senators and witnesses accused e-cig manufacturers of targeting children at a hearing two years ago. They argued e-cigarettes had been advertised during the Super Bowl, and witnesses cited an advertisement on a woman’s bikini bottom in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. You know, kid stuff.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) accused the industry of targeting kids by putting flavors in their e-cigs, apparently basing her theory on the idea that adults want their e-cigs to be flavorless. One of those flavors allegedly targeting kids: piña colada.

E-cigarettes a safe option to kick the butt: Survey

Deccan Chronicle

The State health ministry recently banned the sale of electronic cigarettes this June during the term of former Health Minister U.T. Khader, citing serious long term effects on health. In addition, the Indian Medical Association had in January discouraged the use of electronic cigarettes to cut down on smoking as these disguised forms of tobacco could have ‘serious’ long-term effects on health.

However, a face-to-face survey was conducted this year by, an independent, non-profit, consumer-oriented advocacy group that promotes the sensible regulation of the rights of adult citizens throughout Asia to choose the use of tobacco or other nicotine related products. This revealed that two-thirds of the adult smokers (66%) agreed that e-cigarettes represented a positive alternative to today’s conventional cigarettes.


The smoker rebellion

LegIron, Underdogs Bite Upwards

Will there be one? I have wondered if we can honestly be arsed to bother. We’re a pretty chilled crowd, we smokers, even the ones who haven’t been tricked into permanent guilt by the Holy Antismoker Inquisition.

It’s a trick, yes. The guilt. It’s a way of controlling you. Keep you feeling guilty and repentant and then offer you forgiveness if you live your life as instructed instead of doing it the fun way. Come on, you’ve seen it over and over again. Isn’t it obvious by now?

Look, it’s simple. If you smoke and you don’t like it, well stop fucking doing it. It’s not brain surgery. If you stop smoking and decide all smokers are evil filthy bastards because you’re not doing it any more, kindly find a convenient high building and jump off it because you have become what you used to be scared of. You’re the monster now.

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Let’s call time on stupid vendors

Fergus Mason

A few weeks ago I expressed some annoyance at vendors who were, in my opinion, being stupid. In this particular case it was a rash of morons selling “Pokéjuice”, a trademark-busting product that’s also an absolute gift to those who claim the industry is targeting children. I made some comments on Facebook and reported a couple of vendors to Trading Standards, but mostly what I did was annoy stupid people. I’m not exactly a stranger to annoying people, and it’s not like upsetting the stupid ones troubles my conscience, but it is pretty frustrating to raise problems like this and be met with a wall of baffled, stupid annoyance.

I don’t believe for a minute that any of the mainstream vapour product makers, or even the dreaded tobacco companies, are “marketing to children”, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to say the same about some of the more stupid independents. By all means make ice cream flavoured e-liquid.

The Exception That Proves A Fool

Dick Puddlecote

Surely today has seen the funniest load of disingenuous bollocks ASH has ever released.
ASH research shows corner shops don’t need tobacco to be profitable
Well actually, their report, Counter-arguments (geddit?), would be funny except for the fact that – in the absence of anything useful to do with the taxes government regularly shovel this wasteful bunch of parasites – you paid for it.

Snowdon has already sliced and diced it (a simple task since their economic acumen alone wouldn’t even merit a GCSE E grade) but I did find this part particularly hilarious.


Christopher Snowdon, Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

ASH have produced an amusingly inept report today which has received a justifiable lack of interest from the media. The document – Counter-arguments – is designed to soften up retailers for the day when ASH push for full prohibition. It makes a ham-fisted attempt to persuade them that selling tobacco, despite all appearances, is not a good way of making money.

The “counter-arguments” are ridiculous, bordering on dishonest…


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