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School playground smoking ban in public health plan – All Animals Aren’t Cows, All Tobacco Isn’t Cigarettes, And Surveys Aren’t Science – Potential cancer causing DNA mutations absent in vape tests – Let Me Help You With That – Greg Conley Interview: Fighting The Good Fight For U.S. Vapers – The real dangers and health risks of vaping – My Day At #COP7FCTC – British American Tobacco to test tobacco e-cigarette in Japan – E-cigarettes above Ebola? How the WHO lost the plot – Bill Godshall Update – The WHO versus the media – CTA: Changing how Your Council see Vaping

School playground smoking ban in public health plan

BBC News

Plans to ban smoking in school and hospital grounds and playgrounds in Wales have been launched.

But this second attempt to bring in the Public Health Bill does not include a controversial ban on e-cigarettes in some enclosed places. The Welsh Government plans, first outlined in 2014, still include tattooing and piercing regulation.

Public bodies will also have to assess the effects on physical and mental health of any decisions they make.

If there was a plan to build a new road or open a fast-food restaurant near a school then councils, for example, would need to consider the health impact.

All Animals Aren’t Cows, All Tobacco Isn’t Cigarettes, And Surveys Aren’t Science

Hank Campbell, ASCH

A new paper seeks to inform concerns about e-cigarettes, purportedly used as harm reduction and smoking cessation techniques, being a gateway to smoking.

The conclusion by Hongying Dai and Jianqiang Hao is that e-cigarettes, and especially flavors, do lead to both cigarette smoking and an unwillingness to quit. There is just one problem – there is no data showing that.

Pediatrics is a good journal to be addressing this issue. The American Council on Science and Health has long shown that smoking is a pediatric disease. Like many other habits, if we prevent them in youth, we can prevent them throughout life. But we also recognize that in the real world, youth engage in rebellious behavior. They will drive too fast, experiment with drugs and try cigarettes. Some will become addicted to drugs, alcohol or smoking.

Potential cancer causing DNA mutations absent in vape tests

Junglist, PoTV

Scientists at British American Tobacco have compared the potential for cigarette smoke and vapour to cause genetic mutations in bacteria strains. Genetic mutations are thought to be involved in the development of cancer and this study will add more weight to the argument that vaping should be being championed by the likes of the World Health Organisation rather than being treated with caution.

There was a discussion on the POTV forum last week about the news concerning a study that measured the damage to DNA from smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.  It was estimated that a pack-a-day smoker causes a wide range of mutations in cells in various parts of the body during the course of a year. The research suggests that each cell sees mutations to DNA at the level of 150 in the lungs, 97 in the larynx, 39 in the pharynx, 23 in the mouth, 18 in the bladder and 6 in the liver.  The problem with this is that DNA damage is permanent and that this damage can lead to cancer developing.


Let Me Help You With That

Neal Roff

I am writing this blog in response to a plea for help/tips for new users. I hope it will offer some useful advice that can be imparted to new switchers. It is far from exhaustive but I think it contains the essentials.

First let me give you my story. I am 60 years old and smoked since 9. I quit many times and failed just as often. 3½ years ago I was persuaded by my daughter to try ecigs. I have not looked back since. For me it was an instant success and I have not touched a cigarette since or even wanted to. Calling it a minor miracle is an understatement. If you don’t want to quit smoking then ignore this. I don’t want to demonise you in any way. If you do want to stop smoking then please read on.

Greg Conley Interview: Fighting The Good Fight For U.S. Vapers

Fergus Mason, BlackNote

The debate over vaping in the USA is definitely heating up, and more and more states, counties and cities are trying to push through laws that would harm businesses and take away vapers’ rights. Luckily there are also a lot of people working hard to fight that, at state and national level. Last week I finally got the chance to interview one of the leading national advocates, Greg Conley from the American Vaping Association, who’s recently been on an epic pro-vaping tour of the country.

The real dangers and health risks of vaping

Jim McDonald, Vaping360

Is vaping dangerous? Every day we see the stories, in newspapers and on television, about vaping health risks. Usually they’re centered on the study du jour. Maybe it’s a chemical today. Yesterday it was exploding batteries. Last week it was the increase in teenage vaping. Next month some new vaping danger will grab the headlines. But what is the reality? Do the risks of vaping outweigh the rewards?

The first thing to know is that for most users vaping is an alternative to using the deadliest consumer product ever made: cigarettes. The vast majority of regular users of vapor products are ex-smokers or current smokers. Nothing compares to the health risks of setting plant material on fire and inhaling the smoke. Half of lifelong smokers die prematurely from smoking-related disease.

A Billion Lives – Demand Film

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Dick Puddlecote

Phew! What a long day that was!

So Monday was the day that the WHO’s biennial back-slapping jamboree comprising the world’s most accomplished miserable tax troughers began. COP7 was to take place at the Expo Mart complex in Noida, about an hour’s drive from New Delhi centre.

I travelled with two Indian vapers and a representative of the newly-formed Association of Vapers India to the venue in the worst smog I’ve seen so far. This is just one of the pictures I took on the way; to be clear, it is not supposed to be in black and white.

British American Tobacco to test tobacco e-cigarette in Japan


British American Tobacco PLC (BAT) plans to test a new tobacco-based cigarette alternative in Japan next month, it said on Tuesday, taking aim at Philip Morris International Inc’s popular iQOS and Japan Tobacco Inc’s Ploom Tech.

BAT said it plans to launch its new product, called “glo”, on Dec. 12 in the northeastern city of Sendai. It will then use learning from that launch to expand the product nationwide.

Glo electronically heats tobacco enough to create an inhalable vapor. That vapor, according to BAT, has about 90 percent less toxicant than smoke. The temperature of glo and the Kent Neostiks that go with it, is about 240 degrees Celsius, whereas combustion in traditional cigarettes takes place at over 800 degrees.

BAT has invested more than $1 billion over the past five years in the development, scale up and launch of cigarette alternatives.

E-cigarettes above Ebola? How the WHO lost the plot

Christopher Snowdon, The Spectator

How do you deal with a man who likens himself to Hitler, describes the murder of children as ‘collateral damage’, slaughters thousands, and says he’s happy to slaughter three million more?

If the man is Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, and you are the head of the World Health Organisation’s anti-tobacco division, you will send your personal congratulations. Never mind that Duterte’s indiscriminate shoot-to-kill policy for drug users has brought him to the attention of the International Criminal Court. Duterte has recently introduced a smoking ban and that, it seems, is enough for him to be embraced by the public health community.

Bill Godshall Update

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The WHO versus the media

Christopher Snowdon

No, it’s not surprising that the media have been kicked out of the latest WHO tobacco conference, but it is an outrage that not a single delegate voted against the decision. We are not only paying for this jamboree as taxpayers but the UK delegation – which, once again, includes Deborah Arnott from the nominally private charity ASH and the Department of Health activist-bureaucrat Andrew Black – generously offered the WHO another £15 million of our money to spend on its prohibitionist crusade yesterday.

The Rebel tries to get some answers in the video below. Worth a watch.


Call to Action

Changing how YOUR Council sees vaping

Vapers in Power

There is only one council in the entire country with a decent attitude towards vaping.

Thanks to the work of Freedom to Vape we now know that the vast majority of councils lump vaping in with smoking, against the advice of both Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive.

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