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Why I Love E-Cigs #497 – Tobacco21: Raising the Bar. Again – The Death of Public Health – Convenience and competition are key for emerging products – Open letter to Pembrokeshire County Council: Response – Propylene glycol classified as toxic? There’s no scientific proof for that! – Fiscal health before public health? – HuffPo Scrambles To Fix E-Cig Story Amid Torrent Of Criticism – Second e-cig study finds raising age limit may have backfire effect – Academics Devise Surveillance System – Are Anti-Vaping Zealots Breaking The Law? – Consumers and businesses should set vaping rules – Vape shops to cough up fee to protect youth – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Monday, 21 March 2016

Why I Love E-Cigs #497

Dick Puddlecote

Here is David Sweanor, a renowned Canadian tobacco controller, talking about one aspect of the benefits of e-cigarettes.

[…] vaping offers to save taxpayers money while saving smokers’ lives.

Saving taxpayers’ money is the thing we are always told, isn’t it? Smokers are costing every country in the world a fortune! Politicians always implore us to quit to save the country cash. Yet when push comes to shove we see stuff like this.

Tobacco21: Raising the Bar. Again

Paul Barnes – Facts Do Matter

Ah, the wonders of turning from a young adult into a full fledge adult. All those things that you’ve been chomping at the bit to try according to the word of law, rather than the law of common bloody sense are oh so tempting aren’t they? Drinking, smoking, gambling and all that. I wouldn’t class work as a wonder, and besides under 18’s can do that in a limited way so it doesn’t really count….

The Death of Public Health

Frank Davis

The only loser in the end is going to be Public Health. If it currently still enjoys considerable public trust, it’s because the predecessors of its current practitioners slowly built up that trust over a long period of time. The current practitioners are now busily squandering that carefully accumulated trust. One day they’re going to find that they’ve lost the trust of the public, and they won’t know how to win it back.

Convenience and competition

Are key for emerging products – Simon Clark – Taking Liberties

More and more of my time is spent discussing and researching emerging tobacco products.

I credit two readers because it was Mark Butcher’s enthusiasm for PMI’s Iqos device and Juliette Tworsey’s similar passion for Ploom, another heat-not-burn product (now owned by JTI), that encouraged me to delve a little deeper….


Open letter to Pembrokeshire County Council

PCC responds…

The voluntary ban on smoking and nicotine inhaling devices (NIDs) at Little Haven beach in Pembrokeshire is not based on second hand smoke or vapour dangers as in the smoking in enclosed public places legislation but on helping children to see that smoking and the use of NIDs is not normal and not healthy…

Propylene glycol classified as toxic?

There’s no scientific proof for that! – Mirosław Dworniczak – NSP

Something really awful is happening now. In October 2015 German Federal Office for Chemicals, a part of Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health submitted a proposal to the European Chemicals Agency for a new toxicological classification of propylene glycol….

Fiscal health before public health?

Taxing E-cigarettes, a business decision – Kevin Crowley – Blasting News

The motivation of politicians to replace falling cigarette sales taxes is in direct correlation with the popularity of e-cigarettes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than nine million people choose to replace their smoking habit by using vaping products in the United States. Government is seeing red, and tax revenue lost each day is mounting…

Vapour Trails TV

Part 1 of Matt’s visit to DV, Marco gets juicy juicy & has a chat with the Grumpy Vaper. Meanwhile Mark ‘SoulOhm’ takes a look at a dual atomiser mod. All this, and more!

HuffPo Scrambles To Fix E-Cig Story

Amid Torrent Of Criticism – Guy Bentley – Daily Caller

The Huffington Post has made a series of corrections to an error-strewn video featuring Dr. Margaret Cuomo, sister of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, claiming e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes.

The video published Monday stirred up a torrent of criticism from scientists, doctors, and the public. Cuomo, who fails to cite any evidence during the course of the video, puts forward one of the most radical and as of yet unsupported views about the risks of e-cigarettes.

Second e-cig study finds raising age limit

May have backfire effect – Richard Craver – Winston-Salem Journal

Researchers with Weill Cornell Medicine, in a study published this month in Preventive Medicine, said lawmakers “should be cautious” in establishing the same legal purchasing age for electronic devices as for traditional cigarettes, which is age 18 in most states.

“We should regulate tobacco products proportionate to their risks, and e-cigarette evidence suggests they’re less risky products,” said Dr. Michael Pesko, an assistant professor of health-care policy and research….

Academics Devise Surveillance System

To Identify E-Cigarette Supporters – Guy Bentley – Daily Caller

E-cigarette advocates could find themselves being identified and watched via Twitter if a model from two academics at the University of Kentucky is implemented.

“A number of manufacturers, advocates and e-cig users are actively promoting e-cigs on Twitter,” the study’s declare ominously.


Are Anti-Vaping Zealots Breaking The Law?

Matt McConnell is reporting that anti-vaping groups that are taxpayer funded may actually be breaking the law when they attack electronic cigarettes. The crux of the argument is that money intended to be spent discouraging tobacco is now being spent on attacking electronic cigarettes. Are ant-vaping zealots crossing a legal line? They may very well be….

Consumers and businesses should set vaping rules

The Daily Tar Heel

Soon, Orange County bar and restaurant patrons might no longer be using electronic vaporizers indoors — not because of personal choice or the house rules of bar owners, but because a board of unelected bureaucrats has decided it knows best about which products should be allowed in businesses.

Vape shops to cough up fee to protect youth

Spencer Kent  –  NJ Advance Media for

In the absence of federal and state licensing requirements for electronic smoking retailers, the Highland Park Borough Council is taking action, seeking to impose a $1,200 annual licensing fee on all of its vape retailers.

Last week, the borough council approved a proposed ordinance on first reading by a 5-0 vote with one abstention.


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2 comments on “In the News March 21st
  1. Greg Hamacher says:

    Restricting Youth could be a death sentence!

    It is proven that our children are going to experiment and by restricting them from vaping products that do not contain nicotine (0-mg Ejuice) will leave them to experiment with tobacco instead, get addicted to tobacco and then in 4 or 5 years when they turn of age they will be faced with the same thing we all had tobacco addiction and be faced with the same struggle to quit as all of us and some may never recover. Age restriction could pose a great negative than a positive, there is no proof to date that vaping is harmful in anyway, over a decade and not one documented case of vaping causing lung disease or cancer and no evidence that vaping is harmful to the vaper or the public around them, with or without nicotine. Tobacco taxes and regulations were put in place due to proof of harm, where is the proof of harm from vaping? Why are they fighting to age restrict, because they know the youth will turn to tobacco and slow the revenue lost from people quitting tobacco but if they leave vaping unrestricted youth may turn to it instead of tobacco and that will hurt their pocketbooks even more. This battle against vaping is so full of B*ll Sh*t it is all about taxes and money, I demand to see PROOF of HARM to justify the regulation, VAPING IS NOT SMOKING!

  2. Sandy Rehmeier says:

    I wish there was a legal group to stand up for our rights as e-cig users. Our rights are being infringed upon yet again. I’m sick to death of the anti-smokers who spout unsubstantiated data that vaping is harmful!