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‘Public Health’ Fascism: A Glossary – Vapers: Ten Things to Remember When Meeting a Legislator – An excellent indictment of public health paternalism – The war on nicotine: Why we shouldn’t be so quick to ban vaping – An uncertain future for vaping – Ecigs.Our right not to smoke Tobacco – New method measures nicotine delivery from e-cigarettes – Vaping supporters rally against new state law – Read This Before Investing In E-Cigarettes – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Tuesday, 22 March 2016

‘Public Health’ Fascism: A Glossary

Dick Puddlecote

If you’re a regular fellow jewel robber here, you’ll have often read my referring to those in ‘public health’ – and particularly the tobacco control industry racket – as fascists. Perhaps, by way of social media examples from the past day or two, I can explain why.

Carl Phillips recently drew parallels with a Twitter account parodying Kim Jong Un’s North Korea.

Vapers: Ten Things to Remember

When Meeting a Legislator – NJoy

As a vaper and a vape advocate, sometimes it seems like the whole world is against us. Day after day, we’re barraged with story after story full of misinformation about vapor products and demonizing the people who use and sell them. Sometimes it can be down right depressing.

Don’t let it get you down. Take some solace in knowing we have the truth on our side. We are fighting for a noble cause. And as bad as things seem sometimes,we need to remember that we are WINNING.

An excellent indictment

Of public health paternalism – Carl V. Phillips – Anti-THR Lies

This is mostly an outsource: Go read this truly excellent case against paternalism by a professor of public health at Boston University with the unfortunate name, Leonard Glantz. I do not recall reading any analysis of this caliber by a public health professor since…, well since I was a public health professor…


The war on nicotine:

Why we shouldn’t be so quick to ban vaping – Danika Gagnon

Recently, there has been controversy surrounding policies that ban vaping in hospitals. David Sweanor, professor at the Faculty of Law and the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics at the University of Ottawa, thinks that policies on vaping need to be based on a solid understanding of science and a recognition of individual rights….

An uncertain future for vaping

Ghyslain Armand – PGVG

Malaysia: The vaping market has been exploding over the past two years. Nevertheless, the government is planning to take restrictive measures that may slow down its development. The recognition of the e-cigarette as an aid for smoking cessation that is expected by some but may also be a double-edged sword.


Ecigs.Our right not to smoke Tobacco

Update from Vincent van Heerden

I apologise for the delay in providing this update. I have been waiting to consult with my lawyers and for reasons outside of my control this only happened late yesterday.

I have been wanting to update about this but after reading through the ruling I was left reeling in confusion. I could not understand the ruling as it appeared to completely ignore the actual appeal, something I assumed I must be mistaken on, something I thought would have to be illegal or impossible.

New method measures nicotine delivery from e-cigarettes

The effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a smoking substitute will likely rely on whether they can consistently provide the amount of nicotine a smoker needs to resist the desire to return to traditional cigarettes.

A recent study that evaluated a new method for measuring nicotine delivery from e-cigarettes found that ‘first-generation’ e-cigarettes, which use ‘cartomizers’, deliver nicotine less consistently than later-generation e-cigarettes, which use ‘atomizers’ that vaporize liquid contained in a refillable tank.


Vaping supporters rally against new state law

Hoosier Vapors gathered to protest House Bill 1432. The group said, in part, the bill requires the makers of e-liquid to use a qualified security company. Since there’s only one qualified security company, which happens to be located in Lafayette, they say the restriction will cut down the number of Indiana vaping stores.

Read This Before Investing In E-Cigarettes

The Motley Fool

Over the past few years, many major tobacco companies have acquired or launched their own e-cigarette brands to diversify away from traditional cigarettes. Some consumers buy e-cigarettes as “healthier” alternatives to regular cigarettes, but critics claim that e-cigs are still addictive, release toxins, and act as “gateway” devices to smoking…


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  1. Vappy Dan says:

    I am a USA vaper however I follow the developments with the TPD closely. I understand the UK is bound by it. However does it spell out the methods of enforcement? Could the agreement be minimally enforced so that it would have little effect? Any thoughts?