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Understanding Pleasure – A gateway to this site – Aaron Biebert discusses A Billion Lives – PHE Symposium, “A new era for tobacco harm reduction” – Legislature more dangerous than smoking – The Pleasure Principle – Sydney pushes ahead with smoking ban – CASAA NewsletterJuly 2016 – The crusade of ecig experts to debug vaping science – La verdad sobre el Vapeo – GFN 2016 Varsovia – Should We Be Able to Use E-Cigarettes in the Workplace?

Understanding Pleasure

Simon Thurlow – Midnight Musings

There is nothing quite as satisfying after a long day, or after tackling a particularly trying problem, or simply when relaxing with a pint of beer in the pub, as kicking back with a long relaxing vape. In years long past, I would have said the same about having a smoke. It too gave that long lasting relaxing vibe as I attempted to tune out and chill. But five years ago, I discovered vaping and changed my life….

A gateway to this site

Head Rambles

I received an email the other day from a company requesting a sponsored page. I get quite a few of them and my immediate reaction is to bin them. This is a little portal for my ramblings and is not some kind of fucking advertising hoarding.

The mail though was from an e-cigarette company and pointed specifically to one of my previous little rants, so at least they had the decency to read the site. They reckoned they could write something in my style….

Aaron Biebert discusses A Billion Lives

James Curnow – CurnBlog

Ahead of its Australian premiere at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, I recently had the opportunity to see A Billion Lives, the documentary feature film debut of director, Aaron Biebert. The subject matter is likely to be controversial, and I must confess to having started writing this article on numerous occasions, looking for the best way to tackle the material. Let’s start with a straight-up account of the film.

PHE Symposium

“A new era for tobacco harm reduction” – Diane Caruana – Vaping Post

A few days back, on the 6th of July, Public Health England, (PHE), with the collaboration of Cancer Research UK, (CRUK), held a National Symposium on e-cigarettes called “A new era for tobacco harm reduction”.


Legislature more dangerous than smoking

Orange County Register

California recently passed several anti-smoking laws, including a measure that regulates e-cigarettes like tobacco products and subjects them to the state’s strict smoke-free laws for workplaces, schools, restaurants and public buildings – despite the fact that such vaporizers contain no tobacco and do not produce smoke…

The Pleasure Principle

David Dorn expounds on how the Pleasure Principle applies to ecigs – and what it actually is.

Sydney pushes ahead with smoking ban

Council rangers in Sydney’s CBD may call on police to assist in arresting smokers who light up in the city’s centre and refuse to give their names and addresses.

Enforcing a smoking ban in two key public areas in Sydney, Martin Place and the Pitt Street Mall, the City of Sydney council is pushing ahead with plans to arrest and fine smokers who defy the ban.


CASAA Newsletter – July 2016

On May 10th, 2016, The Food and Drug Administration officially published their “deeming regulations” in the Federal Register. The official publication started the 90-day countdown to the effective date (August 8th, 2016) and various compliance deadlines…

GFN 2016

English and Spanish Subtitles available

Crusade of experts to debug vaping science

Jérôme Harlay – Vaping Post

The researcher Konstantinos Farsalinos invokes several flaws in an article recently published in the scientific journal PloS One by a research team from the University of California, Los Angeles. He points out the peer review process and editorial work, and claims for its retraction…

Should We Be Able to Use E-Cigarettes

In the Workplace? – Dr Richard Heron – HuffPost

Since 1 July 2007 smoking had been banned in all enclosed public and work places in England. There was real disquiet before the legislation – how would it work? The reality is the younger generation of workers probably can’t quite imagine a workplace with a designated smoking room, or a smoking carriage on a train.



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