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The True Origins of Vaping – Open Letter to the Lords – Member States decide to tax e-liquids – Italy: A petition for regulation – The FDA vs. The Vaping Industry: Part 1 – Judge Halts Indiana Vaping Law – How Big Pharma Manipulates Physicians – Von Vape Forced to Switch Gears – FDA’s costly new rules may sink local ‘vape’ shops – Hundreds Of Indiana Vape Shops “Closed Indefinitely” – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Monday, 4 July 2016

The True Origins of Vaping

Ashtray Blog

Who do you consider to be the inventor of the electronic cigarette? Most vapers would answer Hon Lik, who came up with an electronic inhalation device in the first decade of this century.

But last year we interviewed Herbert Gilbert, who developed a smokeless cigarette in 1960’s…

Open Letter to the Lords

Vapers in Power

Despite what “experts” such as ASH have said, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD – enacted in the UK by the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016) will have, and is already starting to have, a devastating effect on tobacco harm reduction in the UK. A quarter of a million UK vapers use nicotine strengths that will be banned, the limit to 2ml of a post-TPD tank is ludicrously small….

Member States decide to tax e-liquids

Simon Rosselat – Vaping Post

Far from being homogenous, taxation of vaping products is also controverted since it may either stifle a growing market or raise additional income to EU states affected by the financial crisis. Eight European member States have declared they would tax vaping products in 2017, maybe the beginning of a longer list?


Italy: A petition for regulation

Julien Sellier – Vaping Post, Italian news website dedicated to e-cigarette, has launched on June 30, 2016 a petition addressed to the parliamentary intergroup “electronic cigarette” with a clear message: “Vapor is not smoke”.

The petition, restricted to Italian vapers, recalls the basic principles of a personal vaporizer: does not burn tobacco, does not even contain tobacco.

The FDA vs. The Vaping Industry: Part 1

FDA and E-Cig Laws: A Brief History… The majority of vapers in the US may be very well-aware of the FDA’s plans to regulate vapor products as of August 8, 2016. What many may not know is just how involved the FDA has been in the vaping industry, even before legally acquiring the authority to regulate vapor products. Here is a timeline of what has gone down between the FDA and the vaping industry during these last nine years.

Vapour Trails TV Lords Live Special

In this special edition of VTTV, we watch events unfold in the Lords (Debate starts at 43m 5s)

Judge Halts Indiana Vaping Law

A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) against a new state law that one vaping retailer says would have put them out of business.

Florida based Goodcat, LLC asked for the TRO saying the law discriminates against out of state manufacturers and that the requirements for security firms that vape manufacturers must use is preempted by federal law…

How Big Pharma Manipulates Physicians

Annabelle Bamforth – Truth in Media

Devon Beasley, a registered nurse, has spent years in her field and told Truth In Media that she has seen representatives for pharmaceutical companies “wine and dine” an entire medical office in the midst of promoting various products. “Some of the offices that I would apply for would actually tell me ‘hey, we have catered lunches three times a week.’


Von Vape Forced to Switch Gears

Von Vape Premium E-Liquids forced to rescind their 2016 sponsorship of P1 Superstock Offshore Powerboat racing as a result of the recent controversial decision by the European Union’s Tobacco Product Directive limiting participation of e-liquid companies participation in team sponsorship. P1 Superstock airs in Germany, England and many other countries in Europe that forced Von Vape to get creative.

The FDA’s war on vaping is misguided

Close to a million jobs could vanish and nearly 30,000 businesses could close because of federal regulations on vaping.

The federal Food and Drug Administration last month decided to implement rules that will put at risk vape shops, e-cigarette manufacturers, distributors and retailers in Wisconsin and across the United States.

Indiana Vape Shops “Closed Indefinitely”

Today is a heartbreaking day for many Vapers and vape store owners. Empty shelves,employees packing up their merchandise, and Closed for good signs were almost everywhere. Only a few stores like Sir Vapes A lot, and Hoosier Vapor get to remain open because they are with the few compliant manufactures in the state.

Costly new rules may sink local ‘vape’ shops

The clock is ticking for the more than 130 small “vape” shops in Western New York that the federal government now wants to treat like tobacco manufacturers.

When sweeping new Food and Drug Administration rules go into effect next month, local shops will have two years to complete a pricey licensing application or close up shop for good.



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One comment on “In the News July 4th
  1. steve brown says:

    im strugleing to understand how our government is allowing these rediculous regulations to continue despite scientific research showing that vapeing is 95% safer than ciggerettes
    allowing the demise of vapeing
    allowing nicotine to be self administered
    allowing a block on advertising
    and sitting back watching small buisiness closeing down
    innovation declining and preventing smokers from switching to a safer and healthier alternative
    initially pushing vaping to the black market and creating good law abiding people to become criminals
    it will not be long before we start seeing nicotine related accidents in the hospitals and the first related vaping death i can see this and if they can not then they need to think about leaving government the blame will rest firmly on there doorstep by allowing these changes and all those that opposed lord callanan will be accessories too they say more research is needed either way research would continue but before the research they require shows its face vaping will be long gone manufacturers would be concentrating on other industries the tpd article 20 has but one purpose and thats to eradicate vaping and our government agrees. this is controling and has no health issue only money and power is there drive at the exspence of peoples lives and peoples rights i have never voted for conservative and i will never vote for them in the future im all for regulation but regulation thats best for the industry and safe for the customer ive left the point of passageway last as all my life i have lived by the law of the land and fully understood the restrictions of age put before me which i did mostly adhere to i did try alcohol when i was 15 and entered a public house whoo whoo under age persons should be taught that rules are rules and must not be broken thats why we have laws so if a underage person decides to take up vaping they should be punished accordinly thats learning there are many other temptations for them why single out vaping
    esspecially one that will not harm them anyway
    i will not be controlled i will become a criminal and where i go from here depends where im steered to next im 54 years old not a ten year old stop treating me like a kid im an adult let me make my own deciions as an adult and o not make them for me how on earth are the younger generation going to look at this and respect the law there rights or how to be controlled