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Crazy Of The Week – Ecig Efficacy Attacked – Vaping prohibited. Funding welcome – Vapemail from Minnesota – Vaping to tobacco: No gateway effect on French teenagers – E-Cig Wizard TPD Webinar – Real information – E-liquid Testing Results – Centers for Disease Control tips from former smokers campaign set to fail – Health professionals call authorities for reconsidering e-cigarette’s status – ASH Scotland Daily Bulletin – What the Welsh Vaping Ban will mean for you… – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Fri, 22 January 2016

Crazy Of The Week

Dick Puddlecote

As part of a not-even-occasional series, the impromptu Crazy of the Week award goes to … {drum roll} … Dr. Michael F. Pesko of Cornell University!

Via the Cornell Chronicle:

Flavor variety is an important component in young smokers’ decisions to switch to e-cigarettes, new research from Weill Cornell Medicine indicates.

That’s a good thing, right? Smokers switching to far safer e-cigs, I mean. Well, apparently not, according to Dr Mick….

Ecig Efficacy Attacked

Mawsley – Planet of the Vapes

David Ronayne, Chris Doyle and Daniel Sgrol make the argument that their research supports the notion that vaping does nothing more than assist smokers to continue smoking rather than making a sustained quit attempt. At the outset, it should be noted that these three individuals are neither doctors nor public health experts but members of Warwick’s Economics department. They sought to answer one question: “Do e-cigarettes represent a true substitute for cigarette use or are they also perceived as a complementary product?”

Vaping prohibited. Funding welcome


The most pathetic aspect of the relentless smear campaign against the Public Health England report on e-cigarettes is that, rather than responding to the scientific evidence and positive public health messages contained within, the small group of fanatics who object to it (one of which even attempted to prevent it being produced), have focussed on an irrelevant funding issue from one of the researchers who contributed to a miniscule element of the overall report and its important public policy conclusions…

Vapemail from Minnesota

Vapers in Power

The progression of ecig advocacy in Minnesota has been a most definite uphill battle. I first picked up an ecig in August of 2013. At that time, there were only about a dozen shops located in the metro area, and few people had even heard of one. While there were no laws about their use at the time, somehow the anti-ecig people had a head start because they had declared any liquid containing nicotine a tobacco product in our state. Advocacy groups were also few and far between in the entire US…

Vaping to tobacco: No gateway effect on French teenagers

Jérôme Harlay – PGVG

A cohort survey, carried out between 2010 and 2014 by Stanislas Spilka, researcher at the French Observatory of Drugs and Addictions (OFDT) and his co-authors, in the framework of the HBSC France, shows an increase in e-cigarette experimentation among middle school students. The authors find that experimentation of smoking often precedes that of vaping by about one year between 12 and 14 years old. The researchers do not conclude in any gateway to smoking for the e-cigarette….

E-Cig Wizard TPD Webinar – Real information


E-liquid Testing Results

Liberty Flights

Recent developments in the understanding of e-liquid safety and the effect of some of the flavour components have led to increased scrutiny across the industry with regards three key compounds. While these three compounds are used safely in food, special consideration must be given to inhalation use because the lungs are not equipped with the same level of defence mechanisms compared to the stomach i.e. when something is swallowed. This blog discusses these compounds of interest, why they need to be monitored and how Liberty Flights is ensuring the quality and safety of our e-liquids….

Worst Tweet of the Day…

ASH Scotland Daily Bulletin

ASH list of research papers relating to e-cigs from last 7 days

The bulletin collates daily news stories relevant to tobacco control in Scotland – these should not be taken as necessarily representative of ASH Scotland views. Each Friday the bulletin also lists new research on tobacco control (added to PubMed in the previous week) and an ASH Scotland update.

What the Welsh Vaping Ban will mean for you…

Electronic cigarettes are to be banned in enclosed public spaces and workplaces as part of a raft of radical health plans announced by the Welsh government.

This is not a petition, it’s a chance for you to send a message direct to your AM and make yourself heard

Centers for Disease Control tips from former smokers campaign set to fail

Kevin Crowley – Blasting News

The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) is once again releasing their anti-smoking campaign “Tips From Former Smokers.” The goal of the CDC and Director Tom Frieden is to use advertising, video, and billboards in an attempt to lower smoking rates and related disease. In 2014, this campaign cost taxpayers upwards of two hundred million dollars…

Health professionals call authorities for reconsidering e-cigarette’s status

Ghyslain Armand – PGVG

A group of health professionals called the Quebec authorities to reconsider their position on the electronic cigarette. Assimilated to tobacco since last fall, the e-cigarette undergoes restrictive regulations under the law 44. This device is however, according to these health professionals, “one more tool to use to provide our patients all the chances to succeed” in moving away from smoking forever…




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