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Drafting A Birmingham Smokefree Streets Consultation Response – Smoking rate hits low in England – Terry Barnes – Kiwis have got it right on vaping – Member States that permit cross-border distance sales – Poland: The future of vaping gets darker – How The New E-Cig Rules Hurt Americans – How many Americans will die because of the FDA? – General process for amending the Poisons Standard: Nicotine – Old controls no good for new vaping phenomenon – New Zealand Moves to Relax Its Laws – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Thursday, 4 August 2016

Drafting A Consultation Response

Dick Puddlecote

Regular readers will remember that we often get involved in public sectorconsultations on issues we discuss on these pages. We haven’t done one of these for a while but there is a consultation out now for such a crassly stupid idea that it’d be rude not to have your say….

Smoking rate hits low in England

Cancer Research UK

The number of people smoking in England has hit the lowest levels on record, according to Public Health England (PHE) figures.  In 2015, smoking levels decreased to 16.9% in England, PHE’s Annual Population Survey (APS) shows. This is down from 17.8% in 2014.

Alison Cox, Cancer Research UK’s director of prevention, said: “Smoking is still the biggest preventable cause of cancer, so it’s good to see that smoking rates are at a record low.

Kiwis have got it right on vaping

Terry Barnes – Catallaxy Files

While nanny state McCarthyists of public health rule the roost in Australian harm reduction, thank heavens our Kiwi cousins across the Dutch have their heads sensibly screwed on.

This week, >the New Zealand government announced it will be legislating to make nicotine-containing vaping devices legally available to New Zealand’s half a million smokers. Furthermore, these devices will be sold as retail products to over 18s in direct competition with cigarettes, not as prescription-only, highly-restricted therapeutic products.


States that permit cross-border sales

Department of Health

These are the EEA Member States that have either confirmed they are permitting cross-border distance sales of e-cigarettes and/or tobacco products or are yet to confirm domestic rules in this area.

All other Member States have banned cross-border distance sales, and it would contravene the law to trade in those countries.

Poland: The future of vaping gets darker

 Julien Sellier – Vaping Post

The future of vaping becomes darker in Poland. The transposition of the TPD into national tobacco regulation has been stricter than the regular EU’s recommendations. This strictness may impact one of the biggest vaping market in Europe.

How The New E-Cig Rules Hurt Americans

Jared Meyer – The Federalist

It is disheartening to see that the media’s near-exclusive focus while covering the Food and Drug Administration’s recent tobacco “deeming regs” has been on the provision that restricts e-cigarette sales to minors.


How many Americans will die

Because of the FDA’s vaping rule? – Michelle Minton

E-cigarettes could lead to a 21 percent decline in deaths from smoking-related diseases for people born after 1997, according to a study published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research. Even accounting for harms people might suffer from vaping who would have otherwise not smoked at all, the researchers found a net public health gain from the presence of e-cigarettes. So why is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration putting up big regulatory barriers for e-cigarettes starting in August?

Amending the Poisons Standard: Nicotine

Therapeutic Goods Administration – Australia

A member of the public has submitted an application to exempt nicotine from the Poisons Standard when delivered by electronic nicotine delivery systems if below a certain concentration of nicotine.

A public notice on the proposed amendment to the Poisons Standard will be published in early August 2016 on the TGA website in which the public will be given an opportunity to provide submissions on the proposal. The consultation period will be open for 20 business days.


Old controls no good for new vaping

A Maori tobacco control researcher is welcoming a government review of e-cigarettes, but fears it is starting from the wrong premise.

Associate Health Minister Sam Lotu-Liga has released a consultation document on ways to legalise sale of e-cigarettes containing nicotine should be legalised.

New Zealand Moves to Relax Its Laws

Kaleigh Rogers – Motherboard

Nobody around the world really knows what to do about vaping. Even as new strict vaping regulations trickle into effect in the US, New Zealand’s government is seriously considering un-banning the devices, which have been effectively illegal in the country since they first emerged more than a decade ago.

Accused says e-cig put him over the limit

Evidence from a scientist is due to be presented next month in a case in which an alleged drink driver is attempting to prove alcohol in an e-cigarette put him over the limit, a court was told on Thursday.

The case is believed to be one of the first of its kind in Northern Ireland and a judge says he is looking forward to hearing the details.



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  1. There is a HUGE difference between the idea that ecigs could erroneously register as alcohol on a test device vs. the idea that ecigs could put alcohol in the bloodstream. This bears close watching.