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New Insanity in Tobacco Control – An Outbreak Of Common Sense In Ireland – Improved lung function, lower infection rates with vaping products – Australians Demand Legal Nicotine – The war on smoking is a war on individual freedom – Vaping causing lung infections? A survey of vapers contradicts theory – Vaping May Replace Smoking Within 30 years – Evidence, Policy, and E-Cigarettes – How many Americans must die? – Proposal to ban vaping from public spaces in Pennsylvania – Federal Judge Finds Indiana Vaping Law Unconstitutional – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Monday, 22 August 2016

New Insanity in Tobacco Control

Paul Barnes – Facts Do Matter

Every once in a while there is such utter ridiculousness that I simply cannot help but laugh. See, this is one of many reasons why I (like Dick Puddlecote) love ecigs. They have managed to throw the entire tobacco control industry into such frothing madness it is pure comedy. These budding researchers – seeking to make a name for themselves within the tobacco control industry….

An Outbreak Of Common Sense In Ireland

Dick Puddlecote

Yes I know Sunday night is bath night, but you might find an article published today in the Irish Independent equally soothing. You see, I’ve read opinion pieces before which I’ve thought make good points, but I can’t recall a time where I’ve agreed with absolutely every word!

Improved lung function

Lower infection rates with vaping products
Kevin Crowley – Vaping Links

The choice for smokers is becoming clearer for vaping products. Again. Within a week, two MORE studies have emerged. One shows improved lung function, the other – lower infection rates among users. While claiming they want harm reduction, organizations and government officials will ignore not be able to find these studies.

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute study was done in 2011 (?) and showed….

See also:
Lung function and respiratory symptoms
Vaping may improve respiration among smokers
Smokers who switch to vaping may have fewer respiratory infections

Australians Demand Legal Nicotine

Mawsley – Planet of the Vapes

The Australian branch of the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) has demanded that the country’s Therapeutic Goods Administration makes nicotine legal for use in vaping devices, as a means of quitting smoking. Simon Chapman has spoken out against the move and cited some spurious facts.


The war on smoking

Is a war on individual freedom
Simon Clark – Taking Liberties

The article, by Juliet Samuel, went on to address the decision to ban the use of the burkini – a head to foot swimming costume worn mostly by Muslim women – on the beaches of Cannes and another resort in France, Villeneuve-Loubet.

According to Samuel (and I couldn’t agree more), “The real enemies of freedom are not the burkini-wearers but the politicians who want to ban them.”

Vaping causing lung infections?

A survey of vapers contradicts theory –  Jérôme Harlay

66% vapers reported health improvement with a net decrease in frequency of respiratory infections compared to smoking. A subjective result that confirms the tendency observed in social networks and contradicts in vitro studies’ conclusions.

Lifesaving Potential of E-Cigarettes

Jacob Sullum – Reason

A new experimental study—the first of its kind, according to the authors—confirms that smokers can dramatically reduce their exposure to toxins and carcinogens by switching to e-cigarettes. “They are safer,” the lead author, Maciej Goniewicz, a toxicologist at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, told Buffalo Business First. “It’s the first time we have very strong evidence that we will be able now to give [smokers] that the answer is, yes, this you should consider a transition, a substitute for your tobacco cigarette that will save your life.”


Vaping May Replace Smoking in 30 years

Julian Morris and Amir Ullah Khan

A new working paper written by Julian Morris, Vice President of Research at Reason Foundation, and Dr Amir Ullah Khan, noted Indian economist, explores The Vapour Revolution, showing how vape technologies have developed, their potential to improve lives – and the policy implications. The authors are particularly concerned about the possibility that regulation advocated by the World Health Organization could kill innovation and thereby slow down or halt this revolution in harm reduction.

Evidence, Policy, and E-Cigarettes

Clive Bates – Some responses to Professor Simon Chapman:

Professor Chapman criticises the Public Health England and Royal College of Physicians consensus on the relative risk of smoking and e-cigarette use by referring to a comment piece Combes RD, 2015 in the journal Alternatives to Laboratory Animals. The piece is written by a commentator who’s affiliation is an animal welfare rights campaign (FRAME), for which ATLA is the house journal, and an independent consultant

The Age Of Stupid

Frank Schnell – ACSH

When, exactly, was the Age of Stupid? Was it when people practiced human sacrifice to placate the brutal gods they worshiped? Was it when people believed the Earth was flat and everything else in the universe revolved around them?  Or, was it when people thought that all diseases were due to an imbalance of the four humours and could be treated by bleeding the patient?


How many Americans must die?

Michelle Minton

E-cigarettes could lead to a 21 percent decline in deaths from smoking-related diseases for people born after 1997, according to a study published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research. Even accounting for harms people might suffer from vaping who would have otherwise not smoked at all, the researchers found a net public health gain from the presence of e-cigarettes. So why is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration putting up big regulatory barriers for e-cigarettes starting in August?

Ban vaping from public spaces

Diane Caruana – Vaping Post

A county regulation to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces has been proposed in Allegheny Pennsylvania. This law is already outlined in the Clean Indoor Air Act and defines that vaping would only be allowed in specially designated indoor spaces with restrictions on food, drinks and the presence of children under 18. Establishments exempted from this regulation would include casinos, private clubs and similar venues.

Indiana Vaping Law Unconstitutional

A federal judge has ruled that Indiana’s vaping law violates the Constitution. Florida based Goodcat, LLC  had sued the state saying Indiana’s vaping law discriminates against out of state manufacturers and that the requirements for security firms that vape manufacturers must use is preempted by federal law.

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