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A Billion Lives. Feel the passion, love your neighbor – The Latest In The Never-Ending Assaults On Our Freedoms – Green toxicology: A data bank with safest ingredients of e-liquids – Reasoned Research: $8.8mil E-Cig Study Explained – The World Health Organisation Is In Crisis – Business Testimonials Needed for Senator Ron Johnson and Members of Congress – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Friday, 19 August 2016

Feel the passion, love your neighbor

Kevin Crowley – Vaping Links

On the 6th of August, the North American Premier of A Billion Lives was scheduled to start at 8:00 P.M. in front of a SOLD OUT audience. Janice & I arrived at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee around 7:15 and the front doors were PACKED. The undercurrent of the crowd was electric and felt before we hit the door.

The Latest In The Never-Ending Assaults

Steve Forbes

TYRANNY IS about control. Even in democracies the natural tendency of government, unless stopped, is to expand its powers and extend its tentacles into every facet of its citizens’ lives–always in the name of helping them. Control means curtailing people’s opportunities to make choices and restricting the scope of their freedom of action. Left to their own devices bureaucracies would bar you from doing anything without first receiving a permission slip from them.


Green toxicology: 

A data bank with safest ingredients of e-liquids –  Jérôme Harlay

The strategies are diverse for the vaping industry to adapt to changing regulatory frameworks in fast-changing emerging market. The concept of Green toxicology is one of the most promising alternatives to conventional toxicology research and is being used by e-liquid manufacturers.

$8.8mil E-Cig Study Explained

Are vapers justifiably paranoid when it comes to research on e-Cigarettes? Maybe, since after all it does appear that research is often used as a weapon to promulgate fear and misinformation in the public health war against vaping. How else could more people now believe that vaping is as harmful or even more harmful than smoking? 

Brent Stafford – Regulator Watch

The World Health Organisation Is In Crisis

David Williams – Huffington Post

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has just embarked up a year-long election to find a new Director-General to run the 8,000 person organisation.

Arguably, the person who is eventually elected will not have an enviable job. WHO is mired in accusations of lack of transparency, corruption, and even stifling press freedom – in strict contravention to the UN Charter.


Business Testimonials Needed 

For Senator Ron Johnson and Members of Congress
American Vaping Association

August 8, 2016 has passed, but the fight to save the U.S. vapor industry is far from over. After taking their summer recess, Congress will return to session in September. It goes without saying that we have a lot to accomplish before the year is done. Today, we’re asking for your help…


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