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Opinionated Journalism – The walls are closing in – Accentuate the positive – The @CDCTobaccoFree follies: propaganda, promotion of scientific illiteracy, and censorship – Letter to D.C. Council on e-cigarette taxes – SFATA-California Urges Assembly Governmental Organization Committee to Vote No on SB140 – No Stalls In The Market – The current situation facing Vapers in Norway – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest

Opinionated Journalism

Another great double bill from Facts Do Matter:

Last week a piece of opinionated journalistic bullshit appeared in The BMJ. I read it first thing on the following day thanks to it being published long after I went to bed. Let’s face it, it was and is a truly terrible piece and it set the tone for the rest of my day….

The walls are closing in

There has been a lot going on in and around the community recently, mostly centred around diacetyl and AP in liquids. Well respected names are being called out in a public display of shaming. Yes it is disappointing that diacetyl and AP are still being used, and even more so that juice makers are either hiding or lying about their test results, but that’s not the main reason for the almost melt-down….

Accentuate the positive

A welcome return from BekiVapes:

It’s a blistering hot day for me here in sunny Scotland. I’m sitting in a darkened house, with fans moving the air around to give some sort of illusion of cooling. The humidity monitor in my hall has just ticked up to 87% and the air quality forecast is not that good. Once upon a time I would have been carrying my ventolin inhaler around with me and praying I didn’t get an attack; mould spores are something I react badly to and the muggy fuggy damp heat brings the little sods out to attack me. Then it dawned on me. A little simple fact that is oh so very significant….

The @CDCTobaccoFree follies:

Propaganda, promotion of scientific illiteracy, and censorship – Anti-THR Lies:

The twitter feed from the anti-tobacco liar branch of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is one of the more pathetic efforts of our government. I will circle back to its worst problems, but for now I will just observe that they rarely get 10 retweets of anything or positive comments, including from their own sympathizers. Mostly the CDC tweets just generate replies from the public, criticizing their stupid claims and lies….

Letter to D.C. Council on e-cigarette taxes

Dr. Edward Anselm – R-Street Institue:

My name is Dr. Edward Anselm and I am a senior fellow with the R Street Institute, a D.C.-based free-market think tank that takes a pragmatic approach to public policy. I also serve as medical director for Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey (HRINJ) and am an assistant professor of medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. I have a 30-year history of tobacco-control advocacy and running smoking-cessation programs….

SFATA – California Urges Assembly Governmental Organization Committee to Vote No on SB140

The California chapters of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) this week released a memo to Assembly member Adam C. Gray (D-Merced) and members of the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee announcing opposition to Senate Bill 140 (SB 140), a measure introduced by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) that seeks to define e-cigs and vapor products as “tobacco” and makes related changes to existing law…

No Stalls In The Market

POTV – Mawsley

If there is one thing more powerful than the outpourings of health campaigners opposed to the acceptance of vaping then it’s the all-crushing wheels of the capitalist machinery. Spawned from a community of enthusiasts and tinkerers, the electronic cigarette market has quivered recently at the prospect of the Glantz PR machine getting its legislative way through misinformation and scare stories. – See more at:

The current situation facing Vapers in Norway

Totally Wicked – Legal Challenge:

The situation today: It is prohibited to manufacture, import and trade e-cigarettes containing nicotine in Norway, due to the «Regulations on prohibition of new tobacco- and nicotine products». The regulations are managed by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. The many alternatives not containing nicotine (including equipment), can be legally traded….

Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest



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