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NNA Charity Wristband – Gleeful delusions of perception – Erm, Because It Looks Like Smoking – Tobacco Control Journal Makes Fun of Vapers – Why is there anti-THR? (1) The importance of narrative and Opinion Leaders vs. Useful Idiots – Vape Drama – $200 Million Federal Anti-Smoking Campaign Flops –  Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest

NNA Charity Wristband

As pictured above – New Nicotine Alliance:

Show your support for NNA(UK) and donate to the cause with one of these fab silicon wristbands. Wear it at local vapemeets or Vapefest to raise awareness and annoy Ged. They also make a very good grip for unscrewing sticky threads on tanks and mods – handy when you forget your rubber gloves. What more could you want to complete your vape kit?

Gleeful delusions of perception

Facts Do Matter:

In the grand scheme of things much is said about how giant monolithic entities control and distort everything even when those entities have absolutely nothing to do with the subject. If that is the case, why then do many “public health” faux charities insist on blaming “Big Tobacco” for every fopar they have ever made?

Erm, Because It Looks Like Smoking

Dick Puddlecote:

In the global catalogue of scientific literature, there is no poorer an illegitimate runt than the integrity-free BMJ’sTobacco Control Journal. 

Its ‘research’ is always almost exclusively policy-based garbage (see here and here for recent examples) which is hardly surprising considering the editorial board comprises a global who’s who of tobacco control industry junk ‘scientists’. However, an item in their July 2015 rag lowers that bar by some margin…..

Tobacco Control Journal Makes Fun of Vapers

The Rest of the Story:

A cartoon appearing in this month’s issue of Tobacco Control makes fun of vapers, calling them “idiots.” The cartoon features a man vaping and a woman next to him. The man says: “With vaping, I get all the nicotine, none of the smoke and it makes me look cool.” The woman responds: “You look like an idiot smoking a laser pointer….”



Why is there anti-THR?

(1) The importance of narrative and Opinion Leaders vs. Useful Idiots – Carl V. Phillips

The average person, upon learning that there is violent opposition to tobacco harm reduction (THR), is quite reasonably baffled. It is difficult for them to fathom that an entire (taxpayer-funded) industry could be devoted discouraging smokers from switching to low-risk alternatives, or even to discouraging people from making the free choice to use a low-risk product rather than being abstinent….

Vape Drama

Mawsley – POTV

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$200 Million Federal Anti-Smoking Campaign Flops

The $200 million federal anti-smoking campaign “Tips From Former Smokers” — which relies on sometimes gruesome testimonials on the health effects of tobacco — was mostly a flop and did not greatly boost the number of nonsmokers in the U.S.

Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest


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