Vaping Truth Update 10th Jan 15


Current Statistics

As featured on our home page, the Vaping Truth Survey is still running and currently has over 5700 participants from 68 different countries.

If you haven’t taken part yet, you can HERE

Participants per Country –

United States 1,658 29%
United Kingdom 798 14%
Germany 607 11%
Canada 358 6%
France 263 5%
Spain 216 4%
Australia 207 4%
Poland 196 3%
Netherlands 190 3%
Norway 179 3%
Finland 156 3%
Portugal 113 2%
Unknown 107 2%
Hungary 74 1%
Austria 71  1%
Sweden 70 1%
Denmark 59 1%
South Africa 57 1%
Romania 54 1%
Cyprus 36 1%
Belgium 36 1%
Others <1%

Kevin @Vapingit also has a Facebook group HERE and a downloadable PDF of the current stats is right HERE

Another emerging survey as featured in yesterdays In the News by Randy Willis concerning Nicotine Strengths and Flavours is available at

Please spare 10 minutes of your time to complete these surveys, the data produced can only be positive from a Vaping point of view and could prove to be vital in the future..

Only 798 responses from the UK…… Survey. Share. Seemples!!

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One comment on “Vaping Truth Update 10th Jan 15
  1. Broony says:

    I’m surprised at the lack of U.K. vapers filling in this survey especially as there are supposedly over a million of them. I still have now idea in attracting them even as this survey can be used to there benifit against the likes of McKee Chapman and Glantz to debunk the bullshite those 3 spread.