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Painting Lipstick On A Pig

Observations from Puddlecote Inc

Cancer Council policy and advocacy director Paul Grogan (snork – DP) said Queensland was leading the way in recognising the potential harm of e-cigarettes.Mr Grogan said precautions to protect the community’s health had to be a priority.
“There’s a lot of confusion out there around electronic cigarettes,” he said….

A Public Workshop – Electronic Cigarettes and the Public Health

A second, very important, workshop on e-cigarettes announced by the FDA:

If the deeming rule is finalized as proposed, e-cigarettes that are tobacco products would be subject to FDA regulation under the FD&C Act.  As stated in the proposed deeming rule, FDA “is aware of the recent significant increase in the prevalence in e-cigarette use” (79 FR 23152), and there is much to be learned about these relatively new entrants to the market.  These workshops are intended to better inform FDA about these products.  Should the agency move forward as proposed to regulate e-cigarettes, additional information about the products would assist the agency in carrying out its responsibilities under the law. …

Science Lesson: on “anecdotes”

Carl V. Phillips Anti-THR Lies

Following a twitter conversation between some vapers and some others who mistakenly think they understand science, I decided to write a quick lesson for those who might want more than a bumper-sticker about this. The issue at hand is whether you can learn anything about the world from individual testimonials about people’s experiences or other one-off “anecdotes”. The answer is obviously yes. It is safe to say that more than 99% of what each of us knows comes from such evidence. So why do so many people not understand this obvious fact, and habitually denigrate such evidence as “anecdotes”? It seems to be because they are stuck in a grade-school understanding of science….

10 times more harmful than regular ANTZ?

More from Dan MacDonald

I was very disappointed to read this…Up until today I thought (you) were a serious organisation, interested in reducing the number of people that die from cancer, but I don’t believe that anymore. E-cigarettes…have shown great potential to get people to stop smoking.

It’s depressing to see (one of your representatives) trying to put a stop to them by spreading misinformation and propaganda for legislation, that risks thwarting a fantastic opportunity to reduce smoking in society…..

The prohibitionist’s dilemma

Superb analysis by Chris Snowdon

You are deeply concerned about the effect of smoking on health. You’ve spent your whole career trying to help people give up smoking. You dream of a ‘smoke-free world’.

But it’s a struggle. Smoking rates tend to be on the decline in wealthy countries, but they are falling very slowly. Globally, there are more people smoking than ever before and there will be more people smoking tomorrow…..

Nicotine and Flavor Preferences in Vaping

New and comprehensive survey into E-Liquid flavours.

Welcome to the nicotine and flavor preferences survey. It is my sincere desire for you to answer the survey completely and honestly. The purpose of the survey is to collect and aggregate data on the preferences of vapers with regard to flavor choices and nicotine levels. I sincerely appreciate your time and highly value your input.

This survey has not been paid for, or sponsored, by any tobacco, electronic cigarette, or vaping retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer. Additionally, it is not associated with any tobacco control or public health agency….

 Study Shows E-Cigarette Flavors Do Not Appeal to Nonsmoking Teens

PITTSBURGH, Jan. 9, 2015

Nonsmoking teens show very low interest in using e-cigarettes, even when presented with a variety of flavors described as, for example, raspberry, bubble gum, gummy bear, and vanilla bean, according to a study published online in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research.  Proponents of e-cigarettes have argued that, because e-cigarettes are much less hazardous than traditional combustible tobacco cigarettes, use of e-cigarettes by smokers could greatly reduce the health harms due to smoking.  However, some have worried that e-cigarettes might attract teens who do not smoke, especially if e-cigarettes were offered in appealing flavors.


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