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Save e-cigs – a year in review.

We wrote hundreds of letters. At times it felt as if we were writing letters almost every day, but I know that’s not strictly true. We did though write copious letters to the press each and every time we saw an article that was misinforming the public re e-cigarettes. As the year progressed it was encouraging to see these letters being published, with some even being turned into articles! It does seem to have helped, as it is now gratifying to see the reporting of battery issues changing to be reported as the wrong charger/battery etc. instead of the screaming ‘e-cig explodes!’ headlines.

From Lone Voices To A Choir

Another installment from Simon Thurlows excellent blog

Like many Vapers out there, I read the many tweets that go around both in support and against eCigarettes. I also read the media articles, sometimes shaking my head in shock at the ignorance, other times getting a feeling of euphoria when I finally read something that tells the truth. But what really hits home is how vaping advocacy is finally coming together as one voice.

In June 2015, I will be celebrating my Vaping 3rd Anniversary. It will be a significant milestone and a measure of how eCigarettes empowered me to escape from the clutches of Big Tobacco….

Alaska Health Department Airs First Pro-Smoking Television Ad Since 1970

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What’s in an e-cig cloud? … Nicotine, just like the other cigarettes. Ultrafine particles that can lead to asthma. Embalming fluid. Ugh. Lead. Doesn’t that cause brain damage? Nail polish remover. … Don’t let Big Tobacco cloud your judgment….

My colleague Stan Glantz has praised the campaign, urging all other states to air the same commercial. However, I can’t possibly condone a campaign that lies to the public, significantly misleads its audience, undermines years of public education about the health hazards of smoking, and has the effect of promoting smoking by discouraging smokers who would otherwise have quit using e-cigarettes not to do so.

Link to the video mentioned on VTTV this evening:

Are E-Cigarettes Harmful?

 Another link from tonights VTTV

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FDA thinks antifreeze is ok — for kids’ medicine

More from Carl V. Phillips Anti-THR Lies

Background: In 2009, in an attempt to smear the e-cigarette companies that were suing them for illegally seizing products, FDA conducted studies of some of their liquids. They discovered a trivial contamination with diethylene glycol (DEG), in one unit, at a level that Burstyn has pointed out posed no concern. They tried to fool the public into believing this was a substantial hazard….


Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Thu, 8 January 2015

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