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COVID-19 Survey, July 2020 ~ Tobacco harm reduction in the 21st century ~ E-Cigarettes and Respiratory Disease: NO EVIDENCE ~ NZ Vape Group Urges Local Govt. to Reject WHO Stance on E-Cigs ~ UK Study: Risk Perceptions of Vaping Are Directly Related to E-Cig Use ~ Vaping advice is flawed and disastrous for public health ~ Federal regs confuse little vape with Big Tobacco ~ Proposed flavour ban in the Netherlands – letter ~ ETHRA Contributes To TPD3 ~ Brine’s Back ~ HNB AOK For USA ~ You Can’t Handle the Truth ~ Smoore Just Became the Richest Vape Company in the World

COVID-19 Survey, July 2020

Queen Mary, University of London

Nothing is known about the effects of vaping on the probability of contracting Covid-19, and on its effects on the severity of illness. We are trying to collect information on this, so that vapers can receive appropriate advice.

If you could fill in this brief questionnaire, it would be much appreciated. The more vapers will respond, the more useful the survey will be. We will let you know the survey results.

Tobacco harm reduction in the 21st century

Renée O’Leary, Riccardo Polosa, Emerald Insight

This paper aims to overview the need for tobacco harm reduction, the consumer products that facilitate tobacco harm reduction and the barriers to its implementation. The worldwide endemic of tobacco smoking results in the death of over seven million smokers a year. Cigarette quit rates are very low, from 3%–12%, and relapse rates are high, from 75%–80% in the first six months and 30%–40% even after one year of abstinence. In addition, some smokers do not desire to quit. Cigarette substitution in tobacco harm reduction is one strategy that may reduce the burden of morbidity and mortality.

E-Cigarettes and Respiratory Disease: NO EVIDENCE

Brad Rodu, Tobacco Truth

Drs. Dharma Bhatta and Stanton Glantz published a study in February’s American Journal of Preventive Medicine claiming that “Use of e-cigarettes is an independent risk factor for respiratory disease in addition to combustible tobacco smoking.” (here)  In a University of California San Francisco press release, Professor Glantz made additional claims: “We concluded that e-cigarettes are harmful on their own, and the effects are independent of smoking conventional tobacco…

The Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy (AVCA) has written to New Zealand’s Associate Health Minister, Jenny Salesa, urging her to reject inaccurate claims by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on smoke-free nicotine products.

UK Study: Risk Perceptions of Vaping Are Directly Related to E-Cig Use

A recent UK study exploring the relationship between a decrease in the belief that e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes and the prevalence of e-cigarette use, found that e-cig used decreased accordingly.

Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association

THREE AUSTRALIAN anti-vaping advocates posted an article on The Conversation yesterday supporting further restrictions on nicotine vaping. The article is truly awful. Here are a few reasons why.

The article is fatally flawed by

  • Cherry-picking data
  • Misinformation and false claims
  • Lack of context for claims
  • Exaggerating harms
  • Understating benefits


Federal regs confuse little vape with Big Tobacco

, Colorado Politics

The Trump Administration recognized an opportunity to save thousands of small businesses across Colorado. The president issued an executive order requiring federal agencies to identify burdensome regulations hindering economic recovery and propose modifications or waivers “for the purpose of promoting job creation and economic growth.”

THREE from Dave Cross, Planet of The Vapes

ETHRA Contributes To TPD3

The European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA) is a group of 21 consumer associations in 16 European countries, representing approximately 27 million consumers across Europe and supported by scientific experts in the field of tobacco control or nicotine research.

Brine’s Back

Steve Brine used to be the Parliamentary Under Secretary of Public Health and Primary Care, although he became known to ecig users as the Minister for Vaping. He spent nearly two years in the post and was a knowledgeable advocate of vaping and tobacco harm reduction. He has recently spoken out on the subject of, “Making the most of vaping to deliver a smoke-free Britain”.


The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorised the marketing of Philip Morris Products S.A.’s “IQOS Tobacco Heating System” as modified risk tobacco products (MRTPs). The move represents a first for the country and acknowledgement that heated tobacco products offer a reduced risk profile to the consumer.

On this Day…2019

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

Vape Manufacturers Must Submit PMTAs 

In 10 Months or Shut Down – Jim McDonald, Vaping 360

Vaping manufacturers must submit premarket tobacco applications (PMTAs) within 10 months or remove their products from the market, according to an order issued today by federal District Court Judge Paul W. Grimm.

The judge struck down the FDA’s 2017 guidance in May, agreeing with plaintiffs that the agency’s 2022 PMTA deadline (which extended the due date for applications from 2018) was issued without following the rulemaking process mandated by the Administrative Procedures Act, and that the four-year delay the FDA granted vaping manufacturers was “so extreme as to amount to an abdication of its statutory responsibilities.”

Vaping while smoking doubles quit rates


A large study in the US has found that smokers who vaped daily were nearly twice as likely to have quit smoking two years later than smokers who were not vaping. The study adds to the growing the evidence that vaping helps smokers to quit.

The study involved 8,000 smokers from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) study and was published in Nicotine Tobacco Research this week.

Smokers were asked if they vaped at the baseline. Two years later they were assessed again.

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