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Public Health England launches Pro-Vaping Campaign ~ Vaping chiefs hope Brexit will puff new life into industry ~ Harry’s blog 45: A CRUCial campaign from CRUK ~ Science and Technology Committee, House of Commons 09/01/17 ~ The Year Ahead ~ CASAA Submits Comment to OMB Regarding CDC Campaign ~ Science Lesson: Epidemiology Cannot Answer Yes-No Questions ~ America’s School Vape Crisis ~ California Will Pay Kids to Vape in Propaganda Videos ~ Man Brandishing Vape Device Killed by Police ~ Good move to align military’s smoking policy with local law

Public Health England launches Pro-Vaping Campaign

Diane Caruana, Vaping Post

Capitalizing on the fact that with the start of a New Year, a lot of smokers will set a resolution to quit smoking, Public Health England (PHE) has launched a campaign encouraging smokers to attempt quitting with the help of electronic cigarettes. Thanks to the widespread use of e-cigs, the UK is now boasting the second lowest smoking rates in Europe and the lowest ever reported locally.

Vaping chiefs hope Brexit will puff new life into industry

, The Telegraph

Brexit may provide a boost for the electronic cigarette industry as it could allow ministers to slash red tape which dictates the size and strength of nicotine refill containers. The use of e-cigarettes, widely known as vaping, has proven popular among those who wish to kick the habit as they contain nicotine but no tar or smoke. The devices heat up liquid nicotine, known as e-liquid, until it becomes vapour which is then inhaled by the user.

Harry’s blog 45: A CRUCial campaign from CRUK

Harry Shapiro, Nicotine In The News

First off, if it’s not too late, a happy new year to all and for those who have seen the new Star Wars movie, let the Resistance to public misinformation about tobacco harm reduction intensify with the growing Force of evidence. (OK that’s enough). And to see in the new year with a bang, is a very welcome development. It’s very hard not to be rather smug about the overall UK response to tobacco harm reduction. It would be great to be able to report on the publication of ground-breaking reports from equivalent overseas bodies to Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians or supportive statements from other globally respected medical journals like the British Medical Journal.



Science and Technology Committee, House of Commons 09/01/17


The Year Ahead

Mawsley, Planet Of The Vapes
As 2017 drew to a close, smokers would have been making plans to switch, vape businesses and cigalike companies would have been thinking about the next steps they were going to take, while politicians and advocates weigh up how to push for more support for their point of view. British vapers will have filled a dripper or a tank in the knowledge that things can only get better.

CASAA Submits Comment to OMB Regarding CDC Campaign


In October 2017 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) submitted an information collection request titled “National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System” to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review and approval. The OMB subsequently requested comment from the public to determine whether or not the collection and evaluation of information generated from the CDC’s National Tobacco Prevention and Control Public Education Campaign (“The Campaign”) should continue to receive funding.

Science Lesson: Epidemiology Cannot Answer Yes-No Questions

Carl V. Phillips, The Daily Vaper

Epidemiology – the quantitative analysis of diseases and their causes at the population level – can often be found in today’s news. A typical headline reads, “E is found to cause D” where E is some exposure and D is a disease. This language usually comes directly from the titles of epidemiology papers, so one would be forgiven for thinking that the science is primarily about answering yes-no questions: “Does E cause D? Yes or no?”

A Billion Lives – Demand Film

Coming to a Cinema near You – Reserve your tickets Now!

America’s School Vape Crisis

Mawsley, Planet Of The Vapes
America’s news channels lit up with negative vape stories last month, with the majority of them focussing on children and schools, and even the most hardened sceptic might suspect there was a coordinated campaign at work. Links to drugs, mentions of vaping in classrooms; America’s parents are being given something new to really fear. For reasons only known to the respective news editors, the news of a student being caught vaping in a changing room was deemed newsworthy enough to make it into Illinois’ local newspapers (and feature on the associated websites).  “Sandburg Student Caught Vaping in Locker Room,” cried the headlines in a way that would never happen in a million years whenever a British child is caught smoking behind the bike sheds.



Man Brandishing Vape Device Killed by Police

Jim McDonald, Vaping360

A man shot and killed last month by police in New Mexico was holding a vape mod that was mistaken for a weapon, according to police. The man, 35-year-old Frankie Anchondo, was killed Dec. 20, according to KOB-TV in Farmington, NM. He had been involved in a high-speed chase with a Farmington Police Department officer. According to the New Mexico State Police — who investigated the shooting — a Farmington PD officer observed a woman screaming from Anchondo’s truck as it passed an intersection. The officer attempted to pull the vehicle over, but Anchondo refused to stop and weaved through traffic to avoid the police.

 Jim McDonald, Vaping360

Are you 13 years old? Or a blue collar worker? Are you sober? Would you be willing to work 10-12 hours breathing secondhand smoke? How about vaping on camera? You can be a star, baby! A Los Angeles casting company is looking for actors to star in new anti-vaping ads being produced by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), probably as part of the agency’s Still Blowing Smoke campaign.

Good move to align military’s smoking policy with local law

The Guam Daily Post

We applaud the military’s decision to align its policy with the new Guam law that raises the legal age for buying, possessing, using and selling cigarettes and synthetic electronic smoking products until our youth are 21. The military has demonstrated that in some aspects, it does want to adhere to a “One Guam” policy.


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On this Day…2017

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise….

Vaping Doesn’t Lead To Smoking Per Study


Another study has been released extolling the fact that vaping is a gateway to smoking, and again scientists are coming forward to debunk the claim.

Reason has published an article on a recent study done at the Virginia Commonwealth University appeared to show that students who vaped at the college were 3.4 times more likely to be smoking traditional cigarettes a year later. This statistic alone has been used by anti-vaping scientists to show that vaping does lead to increased smoking usage among young adults and teens. In fact, one of the most passionate anti-vaping advocates, Dr. Stanton Glantz, said that this study was just more confirmation that vaping is a gateway drug.

There is no doubt Ecigs are less harmful than smoking

Jérôme Harlay, VapingPost

There have been many interesting findings, this year. We know more and more about the users, the motivations, the efficacy of the products, more surveys, more cross-sectional data and more cohorts studies. This allows us to follow the users in time and see understand they use the products and why they change their patterns of use. We also know more about the use by youth.

Readability of Electronic Cigarette Health Information and Advice

Journal of Medical Internet Research

The objective of our study was to examine the readability of publicly available health information as well as advice on e-cigarettes. We compared information and advice available from US government agencies, nongovernment organizations, English speaking government agencies outside the United States, and for-profit entities.


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