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The APPH Standard: What Does it Actually Mean? ~ Why Sweden going smoke-free may not be such good ‘snus’ ~ Even bigger big trouble in little Panama ~ STOP USING PEOPLE WHO VAPE AS A BOTTOMLESS PIGGYBANK ~ FDA vs FLAVOURS | Will Godfrey explores the battle over flavours in the USA ~ Between Science and Politics: The EU’s Stance on Vaping at COP10 ~ Butler’s vaping policy is a missed public health opportunity ~ Honesty in government. A Health Minister’s press release on vaping ~ #13 Vaping, Smoking, and Health: What You Need to Know with Dr Colin Mendelsohn ~ Colin Mendelsohn Chats To Ecigclick!! ~ Special Rapporteur Questionnaire ~ Improper causal inference ~ Ontario and Canadian Federal Gov’t Will Team Up to Double Vape Tax  ~ FDA Finds Another Obscure Nicotine Product to Kick Around ~ Junk e-cigarette study debunked ~ Could Plain Packaging for E-Cigarettes Reduce Teen Vaping?

Three From Dr. Colin Mendelsohn

Butler’s vaping policy is a missed public health opportunity

DURING LAST NIGHT’S Q+A PROGRAM, Health Minister Mark Butler highlighted legitimate concerns about youth vaping. However his proposed solutions could undermine public health and miss the chance to leverage vaping as a cessation tool for adult smokers. Video here.

The crux of the issue is Australia’s flawed vaping regulation. The current regulations have created a thriving black market which make vapes readily accessible for young people.

Honesty in government. A Health Minister’s press release on vaping

Unfortunately, my government’s prescription-only policy on nicotine vaping has been a total failure and this flood of illegal imports behind me is a direct result of that. I was warned this would happen but did not listen.

Vaping nicotine was designed to help adult smokers quit and is the most popular quitting aid in Australia. However, only 8% of users are willing comply with my onerous and impractical requirement to have a doctor’s prescription.

#13 Vaping, Smoking, and Health: What You Need to Know with Dr Colin Mendelsohn

Mind-Body Revolution Podcast

Welcome to the Mind-Body Revolution Podcast. In today’s episode, we explore the complex world of smoking and vaping. There are many opinions out there about vaping, it can be confusing and easy to believe many of the stories shared by the media about vaping.

But what are the facts?

Colin Mendelsohn Chats To Ecigclick!!

Michelle, Ecigclick!!

We have another “THR Superstar” for you!

This time it is the very well respected Dr Colin Mendelsohn MB BS (Hons) who is an excellent harm reduction advocate.

Special Rapporteur Questionnaire

Dave Cross, Planet Of The Vapes

Harm reduction advocates are being advised of a new inquiry by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health that has a deadline of 15th November. Professor Gerry Stimson says that although the inquiry doesn’t specifically mention tobacco harm reduction (THR), smoking or safer nicotine products, it remains an opportunity to draw attention that tobacco harm reduction is a right to health issue.


Improper causal inference

Clive Bates (response), Pub Peer

The author commits one of the habitual sins of tobacco control research. There is no way a causal conclusion can be drawn from this observational data.

Ever-smoking youth who used e-cigarettes “to try to quit using other tobacco products, such as cigarettes” had lower odds of having stopped smoking cigarettes than those who did not use e-cigarettes as to try to quit.

Yet the author goes on to make a policy recommendation as if the association is causal.


Junk e-cigarette study debunked

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