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Wednesday’s News at a glance:

James Dunworth, Ashtray Blog

In this post you’ll find quick summaries of the E-Cig Summit, day 2. Also see E-Cig Summit Part 1.



THREE from Dave Cross, Planet of the Vapes

UKVIA Welcomes Watchdog’s Backing

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) welcomes a public health watchdog’s backing of vaping as legitimate method for helping people to quit smoking. It says the government health watchdog NICE’s newly published guidance on use of vaping within NHS settings and smoking cessation services is yet another win for advocates of e-cigarettes’ effectiveness in helping people quit combustible tobacco while promoting harm reduction.

Prescription Plan Reaction

While initial responses to the plans to ease the registration process for medically licenced vapes was positive, there has been a negative kickback too. Complaints have been made about “upstart e-cigarette makers” and Patient Magazine has given space to the alarmist opinions of Doctor Verity Biggs.


Questions about tobacco harm reduction and a debate surrounding the Tobacco Control Plan have been conducted in Parliament. Alexander Stafford MP asked about the meeting of targets, Baroness Merron pressed for further outdoor restrictions, while Bob Blackman MP and Mary Kelly Foy MP supported further restrictions on vaping.

Patented Tobacco Harm Reduction: Is It Only for the Developed World?

Roya Ghafele, Kluwer Patent Blog

Although a silent technological revolution is currently taking place in the tobacco industry, there is no publicly available data on patents that read on tobacco harm-reduction technologies. We recently conducted a patent analysis and found that, in the developing world, there are only few patents filed relating to tobacco harm reduction. This stands in stark contrast to the rigorous intellectual property (IP) enforcement strategy pursued in developed nations. Technologies that reduce the adverse effects of smoking may be an important asset to public health and it may be reasonable—and just—to make these technologies available to consumers in developing and developed countries alike. There should be further discussion to explore how this could be achieved.

Healthy Ireland Survey 2021


Healthy Ireland released their annual report today, Dec 7, 2021. This report covers key health indicators such as smoking, alcohol intake, and social connectedness.

“The survey was conducted annually since inception in 2015; five waves, from 2015-2019, were completed using face-to-face interviews with approximately 7,500 people per annum and are available on the Healthy Ireland website”

On December 6, the Denver City Council voted in favor of a ban on sales of flavored “tobacco products”—including flavored e-liquids and vaping products. The ordinance, which has been vehemently opposed by the vaping community and local small business owners at a series of fiery hearings, will take effect on July 1, 2023.

On this Day…2015

Renormalising Normal

Vaped Crusader

So, we all know SMOKING is evil, yeah. For me I’ve known smoking was evil, way back to the 1980’s when there were those superman posters with him battling “Nick O’ Teen” – an 80 a day or so smoker, quite possibly Irish with that surname who, for some reason, wanted to get everyone smoking….

A new study finds diacetyl in e-cigarettes

But exaggerates risks and fails to discuss about smoking – Dr Farsalinos

As you all know, I have a strong opinion against the use of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl in e-liquids. In the study we published last year, we made this clear and we analyzed the potential risk from the use of these compounds at high levels (basically, when used as ingredients, or are present as contaminants but at high levels). We emphasized the fact that none should deliberately add these compounds in e-liquids and tests should be conducted to detect potential sources of contamination…

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