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Public Health – Medicine’s mad dogs – Hey Ruth. This one is for you – How Tobacco Control ‘Science’ Works #94 – Denial of the Echo Chamber – Vape Fires Feed Legislation Calls – Top 10 “things” that piss me off about #ecigs – Vaping in the News – The TGA and nanny staters just can’t help themselves – Political resistance for e-cigarettes evaporating – E-Cigs ‘Substantially Improve’ Health – Reverse the ‘post-truth’ attitude – It is not a campaign, it is a war – Lawmakers seek to help e-cig makers – Tobacco Harm Reduction Update – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Monday, 20 February 2017

Public Health – Medicine’s mad dogs

Fergus Mason

Public health activists used to give valuable, life-saving advice, and in many parts of the world they still do: Don’t shit upstream from the village, because it’ll foul the drinking water; don’t let standing water accumulate, because mosquitoes will breed in it; vaccinate your kids, because it will protect them from disease; stay away from the dog that’s walking stiffly and starting to drool, because it’s rabid. This is work that has to be done, and it’s public health organisations who need to do it.

Hey Ruth. This one is for you.

Neal Roff

So you don’t like that ordinary plebs blog about some of the rubbish you allow to be printed in that ideological rag that parades itself as a Science Journal. Well guess what. We do not care anymore. After years of being ignored, blocked, called industry shills and made the subject of some lunatic study, what else do you expect.

How Tobacco Control ‘Science’ Works #94

Dick Puddlecote

Earlier this month, I briefly mentioned merchant of doubt Simple Simon’s master class in cherry-picking ‘evidence’ in The Conversation to claim that truths about e-cigs are actually myths.

The comments under the line have since been quite a story in themselves, with Greek scientist Konstantinos Farsalinos revealing that he is embarking on the task of replicating some of the studies which led to garish scare stories in the media.

Denial of the Echo Chamber

Paul Barnes, Facts Do Matter

One of the many reasons I have a blog is so that I can spout, mostly nonsense, into the ether my thoughts on a particular topic that piques my interest. Most of the posts on these pages cover the various bits of “science” – mostly bad science – that grab sensationalist headlines, that do nothing more than to confuse a highly nuanced subject. Most of the time I am fairly factual, though quite often I will, quite frankly, take the piss.

Vape Fires Feed Legislation Calls

Mawsley, Planet of the Vapes

Steve Lewis and his wife Crystal claim that they were feeding their youngest child (7 weeks old) in bed. Their twin six-year old daughters and their two-year old were asleep in their beds. At 1:30am, Steve reports smelling something odd. His electronic cigarette was charging a few feet away, plugged into (what appears to be) a 2A charger…


Top 10 “things” that piss me off

Two up from Kevin Crowley, Vaping Links

You know what pisses me off aside from the obvious? A lot. I don’t like that. There’s nothing I can do about it, but it scorches my ass. Certainly we all have pet peeves. Some things bother a few, a few things bother many, and this is my partial list.

There’s plenty more, but I’ve tried to narrow it down for time and space. If you’re not a regular reader, thanks for joining me. If I have to warn you about hurting your feelings or being offended, I just did.

Vaping in the News

“The boy done good!”

Depending on where you look and who’s got the narrative on e-cigarettes – There is good, bad, and ugly. Every DAY, vaping is in the news. Every day, something is breaking.

In the spirit of and inspiration from my friends across the pond at, this is a quick selection of what I’ve seen (good, bad and ugly) this past week with the obligatory op-ed above each one designed to inform, enlighten and enrage.

Terry Barnes: The TGA and nanny staters

Just can’t help themselves – Catallaxy Files

February’s not turning out to be a great month for the cause of true harm reduction and trusting people to make wise decisions in looking after their own health.

First, schools in New South Wales are banning – believe it or not – birthday cakes.  According to media reports, school authorities consider them a “distraction”, and raise fears about allergies and the so-called obesity epidemic to justify why these Trojan horses of unspeakable evil shouldn’t be allowed through schoolyard gates.

Vapour Trails TV

Political resistance for e-cigs evaporating

Attila Danko

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) ban on vaporizers containing nicotine, considers those utilising the devises to aid with quitting smoking, as criminals. Dr. Attila Danko, President of the New Nicotine Alliance joins Brian Carlton, claiming that he is seeing an improvement in the way politicians are perceiving e-cigarettes. “More and more politicians are realising that it’s just a no-brainer…this is a crazy law,” Dr. Danko says…


Landmark Vaping Study

Finds E-Cigs ‘Substantially Improve’ Health – Steve Birr

The push by U.S. regulators to crush the electronic cigarette industry may be slowing in the wake of a joint study with researchers from the United Kingdom revealing that switching to vaping considerably cuts health risks.

“You had researchers from both countries and the CDC involved in the planning and execution of the study for the first time,” Tony Abboud, executive director of the Vapor Technology Association, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

E-Cigs, Patches, Switching Cigarette to Vape is Completely ‘Safer’ than Smoking

Reverse the ‘post-truth’ attitude

Nancy Beck

In recent weeks politicians of both parties have traded barbs with each other and with the media over so called “fake news.” While the debate over the actual validity of facts in political reporting (rather than its impartiality) is relatively new, when it comes to public health information, the subjective interpretation of information is unfortunately the status quo.

It is not a campaign, it is a war

Jérôme Harlay – Vaping Post

The US FDA is campaigning against the use of nicotine products by youth and is waging a war against the e-cigarette. The Agency however neglects that e-cigarettes are only one of the many sources of nicotine; it severely condemns what appears to be the less nocive one.

Lawmakers seek to help e-cig makers

Sheila Kaplan

Congressional supporters of the tobacco industry have wasted no time in proposing legislation to help e-cigarette companies escape rules adopted under President Barack Obama.

In what Representatives Tom Cole (R-Okla.) and Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) described as a “clarification,” the two introduced a bill Thursday that would revise Food and Drug Administration rules governing the sale and advertising of e-cigarettes and cigars.

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update

Bill Godshall Update

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On this Day…2016

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

Disingenuous sensationalist shitsheet bastards

Dave Dorn – The Sun Also Rises

Here’s the thing. A Lithium-ion battery stories a lot of power for its size. That’s why they’re so popular and now fit in all sorts of things – from cameras to so-called hover boards, from DECT phones to torches, from LED lights to, apparently, the kind of things lonely ladies use to brighten their evenings.

Stop With The Bullying, George

Dick Puddlecote

ASH often say that they “do not attack smokers or condemn smoking”, but – with a budget coming up – it’s that time of year where ASH always attack smokers.

They’ll be pulling every string they can think of to sway the Chancellor into massively increasing duty on tobacco, which – as J S Mill observed – is a form of prohibition.

“Every increase of cost is a prohibition, to those whose means do not come up to the augmented price”

Tobacco duty rises over and above inflation are nothing less than bullying….

A Civilised Event

Abi Cottrill – Vapers in Power

I had the opportunity on Thursday night to attend an event hosted by the Merseyside Skeptics Society. The guest speaker was Robin Ireland, and the topic looked interesting:

“Why vapers think that e-cigarettes will lead to the ending of cigarette smoking and why their optimism may be misplaced.”

Here is how the event was described on the Facebook invitation….

The Unexplained Dangers of Vaping

Dave Cross – Stealth Vape

Choosing to get on the ecig means doing the research, finding out how safe it is and then balancing the risks. We would like to congratulate Rip Trippers in being brave enough to run the gauntlet of online dissatisfaction. The only problem we can identify is that Rip only touched upon the tip of the iceberg that we, as responsible people, feel it is important for all would-be vapers to be aware of….

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